Mega Man Legacy Collection

Almost three decades after its first appearance on NES, Mega Man -Rockman in Japan, its original name- returns to the present with a new compilation in digital format, this time, including the first six installments of the saga that appeared on the console of

Mad Max

Nintendo from 1987 to 1993. And it does so with the original appearance, without the redraws or remasters so fashionable in recent times, though, adapting its pixelated appearance to high definition and adding some extras as collections of

Disney Infinity 3.0

arts of the six titles and a host of really demanding challenges with a handful of levels that mix phases and enemies in time trial mode. Let’s see if this new


compilation is enough for fans of the Capcom robotor, on the contrary, it knows little by taking into account previous more complete anthologies; all the details of Mega Man Legacy Collection for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Nintendo 3DS will arrive in early 2016 both in physical and digital format in our analysis .


Mega Man Legacy Collection (PC) screenshot

Mega Man Legacy Collection (PC) screenshotMega Man Legacy Collection (PC) screenshot

Beyond this premise, what does the Legacy Collection offer Mega Man fans? Broadly speaking, a minimal graphic update that fits the original pixels to the current high definition screens thanks to the use of the Eclipse Engine by the developer itself so as not to resort to direct emulation. The result is better than rescaling the original image, obviously, but it is at least


curious to see pixels as fists on large diagonal screens. And for the purists, the typical image filter that simulates the television or monitor frame has been added ,


for that of returning to retro. In addition, and to alleviate the original 4: 3 format on our 16: 9 screens, we have also added the possibility of playing full screen or use the original format with or without borders on the sides , with each game’s gear in case we want to enjoy them.

Already in terms of content we have at our disposal, as we said, the first six titles of the saga. Once inside each sub-menu we can go on to play the title itself or enjoy the added extras in this Legacy Collection, a real treat for Mega-Man fans. In addition, we can


see a large collection of arts of each title in the Museum, although all are already unlocked; Without a doubt, it would have been an incentive to unlock them thanks to our achievements in the game. Or if we prefer, we can know more


about the plot or secondary details of each delivery thanks to the extensive database of the available collection. Although one of the most attractive


extras is the music playerwith each and every one of the themes of the six games. Luckily, this time we can save the game at any time , something that is appreciated taking into account the high difficulty of the saga.