Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Following the success of the original Mega Man Legacy Collection, the sequel hopes to bring the later titles in the old series and last-generation continuations together.

With a fair amount of success, content and DLC, it looks to be a winning combo. However, given the so so reception to several of these titles, is Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 a must have title or are these games better left forgotten?

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes Mega Man 7 through 10, making it a little lighter than the original, but still a fair amount of content. In terms of story they don’t add much, the most notable being the introduction of Bass/Forte to the cast, the first female master robot along with some quality of life improvements.

Just playing through Mega Man 7 and 8 it’s clear they’re not the most exciting titles in the series. This isn’t negative criticism per se, just that they feel really familiar.

Fans of the franchise could pick either of them up and outside of graphics and a few quirks, have a good idea of how to play, what to expect and how to succeed.

The other two return to the original style, as they were created last-generation with the idea of being a return to form for the series.

These offer some tricks that make it a little more accessible, but follow the same basic pattern established by earlier entries. Mega Man needs to stop the master robots, which upon defeat will enhance your power and make it easier to defeat the other robots.

But, beyond the surface stuff, they feature some neat additions that make these games more accessible to newcomers.

Beyond the basic game, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 adds a number of challenges to extend the playtime. These start with the original challenges from Mega Man 9 and 10being included, so even if you can’t unlock the trophy/achievement Mr.

Perfect, you can still complete it to get credit there and perfect a wide variety of other tasks. There is also a time attack mode, allowing for speed runs or just challenging yourself to finish faster.

There are also new challenges unique to all these games. Most of them are things like boss rush, time attack against certain things and more.

These all have conditions to get various medals, making them a lot of fun to try and complete. Plus, there is even conditional ones, like boss rush with only the default weapon, making for a pretty challenging, but satisfying experience.


Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 might not have the most iconic games in the franchise, but they’re still a lot of fun. The ability to play the original games, plus added challenges, modes achievements and more make for a thrilling addition.

Include the DLC from the later releases and you have a fantastic collection for fans, newcomers or those who want to play the newer releases alike.

[Editor’s Note: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was reviewed on the PS4 platform. The game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]