Media ranking of top managers in the CIS in 2019 according to compiled a rating of the most media top managers in the CIS in 2019. To do this, we analyzed the amount of content that they generated, the mention of managers in business media, as well as their activity on social networks.

Clarification: In the category of “top manager” we included the leaders of e-sports teams, broadcast studios, tournament operators and media resources.

Criteria for rating:

  • the number of information lines generated by the top manager;
  • The average number of views from the information lines about this top manager
  • activity of a top manager in social networks;
  • the number of mentions of a top manager in business media.

Based on these criteria, we compiled three typical indicators – the index, the index of personal accounts and the index of business media. Their amount determined the final score and the position of top managers in the ranking.

On December 24, we published several positions from the media ratings of cybersportsmen and casters from the CIS. You can follow the rating updates on the page of our New Year special project for the year.

Media rating of top managers in the CIS: