Media investigated Miranda’s butt scenes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Igromania

On the DTF conducted a very serious investigation into the scenes with Miranda’s booty from Mass effect 2 and ME3which BioWare before the release, she promised to “correct” – the audience was confused.

The iconic scene from the beginning of the loyalty mission in ME2 has really changed – the camera is now higher. This can seriously upset someone. The first picture is original, and the second is a remaster.

However, in many other scenes, the butt remained in focus.

In general, DTF notes that although they did not bring the romantic line to the end, they hardly began to change anything there. In the end, it seems that only one scene was changed.

Miranda in Mass effect 3 becomes a minor hero outside the Normandy team. In the original scene of her appearance, the focus is again on the pope – in the remaster, the camera is raised again.

However, after a second, the camera moves away and the heroine’s ass can be seen without any problems.

In general, BioWare did nothing wrong – literally in a couple of moments it shifted its focus, but for the most part left everything as it is.

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