Maverick “and” Mission Impossible 7 “- review addiction

Paramount postponed the premieres of two tapes featuring Tom Cruise… And most of all, those who hoped to meet with the pilot Peter Mitchell after more than 30 years were unlucky – continuation “The best shooter” postponed from November 19, 2022 to May 27 next.

Ironically, the premiere of the seventh part of the long-running film series was scheduled for May 27 “Mission Impossible”, but now it has been postponed until September 30, 2022.

Meanwhile Sony also postponed the premiere of one of the most anticipated tapes Ghostbusters: Heirs – however, only for 8 days: from November 11, 2022 to the 19th.

Obviously, the reason for the transfer of films with Tom Cruise lies in the difficult situation that has developed against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s say the same “Fast and Furious 9” although it easily beat off the production budget at the box office, it still did not reach the standard franchise revenue of more than a billion.

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