The plot is still schematic: the main character, Avalon Darrow, dressed in a protective suit, saves residents the fictional town from the crowds of creepy creatures. This time, mankind took up arms against the so-called intelligent matter, forcing the robots to attack their creators.

The whole story is served in the form of two videos at the beginning and end of the game, and any of the details of the universe will not share the authors. By and large, these rollers generally could not be added – nothing would have changed.

Gameplay is Matterfall is a platformer with all the usual for games Housemarquedetails. The protagonist running, jumping, shooting in all directions at the behest of the right stick. For the destruction of opponents are given glasses, filling combo scale – the higher the number, the more points accumulated for each action. Everything is made from a template, and it is expected that the player will pereprohodit levels over and over again in order to achieve the best result. But no desire to do it there.

As it turned out, the simple transfer elements arcade shooter in platforming insufficient. In Resogun and Nex Machina fear of hurt and knock down combo is connected not only with the number of enemies, but space is limited. You can not fly away on the boat or run away from the crowds of enemies, after a few meters there is the same number of opponents.

In MatterfallAlso, since the character is moved from side to side, she always manages to pull back and shoot the robots from a distance. There are not rewarded for speed, but on the contrary, encourage slow – even the combo counter does not decrease when standing still.

Sometimes there are situations when you find yourself trapped between dozens of dangerous piece of iron, but in these cases saves freezing jerk.

After a one-touch Darrow directs in a given direction, making all fixed, by whom flew. It is the only original idea in Matterfall, Which also turns out to be a big plus, and a serious disadvantage.

On the one hand, it makes the banal shooting villains fun – freezing the whole gang of flying balls do not get bored until the final. But on the other – because of her many clashes are very simple, because you can just escape from the crowded enemy zone and watered all the lead from a safe place.

Matterfall game review

Destroying robots, the heroine saves rage scale – Click on the squares and a couple of seconds, you become stronger.

Beginner level again for the sake of secrets also makes no sense, since almost all are in the first pass. The Nex Machina concealed a huge number of bonuses, due to which have the desire with greater care pereprohodit location. And everything had to look directly at the time of shooting enemies, and trying to run away from the crowds of robots, and in time to evacuate all residents, and not to bring down the combo counter.

In MatterfallSecrets are only two types: people, trapped in cocoons, and similar to the purple pear caches bonus points.

The presence of the person next hints flashing icon in the corner, but without him to guess the location of the victim is not difficult – just when you need to escape the plot forward, it is necessary to try to go back, up or down.

Not once I did not have to restart the level because of missing people – all found themselves in the obvious places. Well, I have collected only caches in the first world – in the other, they seem to merge with the background and sometimes they are easy to miss.

More unnecessary

Perhaps searching people deliberately made such an elementary task, because when their salvation they give extra weapons or passive improvement.

But the sense from them is very small. Heroine arsenal can be replenished homing projectiles shotgun, railgun and a grenade, and it is so “powerful” things that one forgets about their existence upon receipt.

Sometimes, you use the shotgun against the “thick” of enemies, and pomegranate can be useful in a fight with the “bosses”. But even without that there is no problem, so it should collect weapons except for trophies on PSN.

Passive improvements – such as an unnecessary option. The most useful of them – is to increase the damage of the main weapons, but it issued almost at the end, when MatterfallIt is already beginning to pall.

Prior to that, you get, for example, the ability to beat most of the opponents of the scope of the matter – a big blue balls, which can be an additional blow gun together with adjacent robots. Or razblokiruesh skill allows you to activate these areas during the snatch.

Still it is possible to increase the supply of health, but on the fourth level of complexity (which is not available in the first pass) this modifier does not work.

Matterfall game review

Such moments only seem complicated – leap saves all ills.