Mario and Rabbids: Our Guide to Characters

Mario’s discovery: great in the short and medium range
If you need to know, Mario is the hero of history. For this reason, the plumber will always be the leader of your party and can not be removed (remember Squall in the Final Fantasy VIII party  here). Consider her skills, however, is one thing that will only go to your advantage, because it will undoubtedly be the character you will master more.
As for the attacks, Mario counts on medium and short range . As for medium-range gamers, it does not cause record damage but is very satisfying and, like its companions, it can also use weapons that cause malus to opponents if you buy them by spending in-game coins.
Unlocked the secondary attack from the skill tree, it’s interesting to know that Mario can brand a mastodontic hammer, which will cause damage only if you are in a box next to that of your target. In this case, the damage will be really great, but the disadvantage is that you’ve probably already spent the action of moving to place you alongside the enemy. You have the attack, in short, you will not be able to move again to shelter you. Keep in mind your HP and the possible damage you might have during the enemy turn, when you use it.
As for the special skills, Mario’s slippage is particularly effective (it gets up to 130 damage points, if properly developed), but it is not possible to concatenate it. Mario, in short, can always strike and only a single enemy. On the other hand, however, our hero can jump on the comrades’ head to slip and land on that of an enemy, just like in the Super Mario series . In this case, you will land in a box next to the enemy, of your choice. The damages that will arise will not be particularly lethal, but could be useful to end an opponent left with few HP.
We also talk about Mario’s specific abilities: the first one you will no longer be able to do without it is called Vista of the Hero and lets shoot an enemy with a bonus attack as soon as it expires. You can shoot up to two shots by developing the ability, which will be fired automatically by Mario during the turn of the enemies.
This is a particularly useful skill, since it will often allow you to eliminate an opponent without even being in your turn, and that you will also be active in the status of your weapon.
Mario also counts on another skill, which allows him to strengthen his attack and that of the allies around him. Remember to use it for the first time in the turn where it will be available , so that you can not risk attacking as much as possible damage, thus wiping out a chance.
The true diva of Mario + Rabbids: Rabbid Peach
Rabbid Peach is with detachment the most exhilarating character of the cast, and without the need to say even a word. On the battlefield, this social vamp has excellent offensive doses, but focuses mainly on healer capabilities. It is she who equips the initial party, which she composes with Mario and Rabbid Luigi.
With regard to the possibilities of movement, Rabbid Peach can move up to a maximum of 8 boxes, while Mario, for example, stops at 7. It means that our diva can better cover the battlefield, using its skills closely healing.
His primary attack is his weapon, which can also cause major mid-range damage. The second, however, sees him in the field of a “sentinel”: it is a vehicle that will begin, turn after turn, to approach inexorably to his target, exploding as soon as he will be close to his position. The advantage is that the latter can also make a bait, attracting the attacks of the enemies.
Mario and Rabbids: Our Guide to Characters

Being a curator, Rabbid Peach is not the character that counts on HP’s biggest number, but becomes impressive when it comes to slipping: it can unlock up to 4 consecutive slides with damage that can reach 100 HP per each. Imagine how important it could be, for example, in the case of enemies close to each other – as a matter of fact, then you can safely secure it behind a shelter. To help her, if this is not possible, there is one of the key skills: the Shield. Activating it, the social diva of the Kingdom of Mushrooms can greatly reduce the damage that enemies can cause them.
Finally, another key skill is undoubtedly Care, which allows Rabbid Peach to recover its HP and its allies positioned within a number of boxes.