Mad Max

“… But, above all, I remember the Road Warrior. The man we called
Max “


Who was going to tell us a few years ago that an adored, praised and cult series such as the apocalyptic Mad Max was going to have such an intense ‘revival’ in 2015? First with Fury Road, one of the essential films of the year and a true masterpiece of action and classic framing, of the old school and without computer tricks. And on the other a video game that seeks to be something more than the typical opening license, the ‘cash in’ or sacacuartos that say in North America.


Warner , after the good results that he gave last year Shades of Mordor, try to repeat the play with a Mad Max with air and budget AAA. And although it does not finish leaving the thing equally round, what is clear after the hours that we have thrown into this wasteland of blood, gasoline and sand is that we have fun. And a lot.

Lord Scrotus, the master of the Páramo

The loyalty to the saga is evident from the very beginning, since Avalanche resorts to a prologue with real images, and it almost seems that we are listening to the narrator of Mad Mad 2 Road Warrior telling us how the world went to hell. A long and ultraviolent sequence introduces us suddenly and hard as Miller did in Fury Road: We are in a post-apocalyptic environment, we do not have water,


food, bullets or our car – the V8 Interceptor, icon of the saga. We’re fucked talking badly and soon, and this is where the story of the crazy Max Rockatansky does not start, but the one that has been coined for this game, somewhere between Mad Max 2 and Fury Road, and before


Beyond the Dome of Thunder.  Here we find a curious detail, since the plot is not precisely its strong point, in fact it remains rather in the background until the final part, where it climbs with its climax.


For most of the time we are dedicated to a generic goal such as reducing the scope of power of Scrotus in the 6 areas of the territory, and with a motivation that betrays a Max going into madness, but the movies were like that, simple stories, from A to B, and then to C, always subject to immersion in its apocalyptic atmosphere, the charisma of its main character and the essential action scenes with vehicles.


The characters are not a paragon of charisma either, starting with a Max of a face that is too generic, but secondary like Chumbucket, the mechanic with his own religion that looks like a desert version of Gollum a good person,

Mad Max (PC) screenshotMad Max (PC) screenshot


The Great Nothing

Conceived as an open map to be explored, the huge Paramo in which the saga has developed is always in this game divided into sections. We started at the furthest point from the City of Gasoline, where we want to collect what Scrotus has done to us, but the desert and


its sections are not abandoned, but divided into areas ruled by caciques and chiefs with whom we must establish pacts – free passage for their land


in exchange for carrying ammunition for example – or directly enzarzarnos in a 1vs1 the style of regional final boss to beat to conquer that area. As in Assassin’s Creed, the watchtowers are essential places, and from there -genial the balloon detail- we will contemplate the area that opens up


to us and we will mark on the map important places to visit, as well as a fast trip option between zones if we want to save driving or climbing. Looting sites such


as abandoned camps – and other places that we can empty with our hands – can hide useful things like scrap metal, ammunition and food, as well as pieces of projects and relics. To reveal all these places we must complete the projects called Tracking Teams in the strengths