LPL Teams at Worlds 2019. Circle One

We will plunge into the atmosphere of macrogame of the best region in the world.

FunPlus Phoenix:

No matter how analysts praise the latest FPX game, the sediment from the first defeat at the World Cup is still deep in the soul. If in the matches of their region the guys acted purely within the framework of the meta, smearing opponents with proven developments, then on the international stage they took the role of G2 in LEC, expanding the pool to enormous sizes. This is not to say that the setup against JT looked awful and unpromising. Tian did an excellent job of limiting and ganking the top / mid lines, the bottom, in fact, just had to survive (it turned out so-so). The chip with an early swap and multiple movements of the liners at the beginning was taken from the same LPL experience, for some time even holding JT in hedgehogs. Leytheim rested in the fact that by 30 minutes the Chinese were not ready for a duel against the pumped Gnar and Akali, and all the motives had to be done together. In this regard, the guys from Taiwan quickly created a counter-strategy, forcing FPX to peck at the baron’s bytes one by one, but it is worth paying tribute to the FPX themselves: not a single attempt of a defensive style has been registered.

Such a game was a click on the nose, and further matches of the FPX won back without extra adventures:

“A game from the top-side of China, which clearly knows its peak, and the ability of the opponent” (C) Denis ULTIMATUM after FPX-GAM.

Against Splyce, the Chinese did not need non-standard peaks to crush the opponent with a demage setup led by Lee Sin and Kaisa. It is worth noting that the FPX irligame has undergone major changes: the traditional “GimGoon + Doinb” link has disappeared in favor of the more frequent Tian midlane ganks. The reasons may be a shaky realization of GimGoon moments (an example is the same number of deaths at the beginning of the game vs. SPY versus a priori weak vis-a-vis) and the possibility not to distract him from free farming (pay attention to the pool: Mordekizer and Renekton, not bad when cleaning minions). In the current state, the FPXs are obliged to monitor discipline and concentration so as not to admit the mistakes of a teammate in subsequent matches (Doinb’s slightly ridiculous death on a Vietnamese ward: ..)

FunPlus Phoenix | Photo: Hotspawn.

FunPlus Phoenix | Photo: Hotspawn.

Royal Never Give Up:

The game against the Americans on the first day left a strange aftertaste. At the start of the game, the team experienced problems with mobility and playing in the forest. Karsa runs the risk of becoming even more useless by the end of the game if it focuses on ganks for at least 15 minutes. As a result, the RNG misses the baron, and the opponent’s forester leads the farm. If you add to all the terrible implementation of Xiaohu’s ult Keil ult, the picture looks depressing. What saved? Probably a balance. RNGs were strong at any stage of the game against Nocturne, around which, in fact, the whole game of the future Dignitas circled.

The long-suffering card against SKT opened the RNG on the other hand: the control that the guys stuff their setup with is easily counterbalanced by champions already in the middle of the game (the Blitzcrank hook turned out to be useless against the full-hp Renekton and the timely Atonement from Thresh). RNG showed a fairly versatile macro in two days, changing the passive farm and forcing a weak line. For SKT, accustomed to collect small skirmishes on the line together, this pace seemed high, given their not the fastest selection of champions. By the end of the game, both teams began to play excellently from the opponent’s mistakes, which led RNG to failure. Next is a subjective opinion about the controversial ending:
“RNGs could close the game much earlier, moving a little further after two aces, in fact the deviations were very early. The guys played a weak psychology against the frightening SKT, which did not even allow the baron to be realized normally. If these errors were resolved, there would be no TF teleport in the future did not happen “(C) The author is in sleepy delirium.
We can say that Fnatic themselves caught on two supports, without finding the optimal blank. First: RNG is not a low-key to play aggressively on the bottom line. Secondly: Morgana + BCs were not played at their 100%, because they spent time swaping along other lines (it’s illogical when the essence of the game should be Uzi restriction). The RNGs themselves went even further by creating an expressive team fight setup. The casters drew attention to the objects of Gnar (The Black Cleaver, synergistic with other virtues of the composition). At the same time, any team took away mass battles, which once again created a sense of refinement of ideas.

Karsa | Photo: VPEsports.

Karsa | Photo: VPEsports.

Invictus Gaming:

What is called salvation? Probably, when AHQ give away the game on their own psychology, afraid to go into initiation. The initiation from IGs themselves in this match is striking: you have in your hands the ultimate GP and Alistar, who have never played in a bunch. Many questions now are precisely for Leyan, which can be attributed to inexperience in the international scene. Against AHQ, the guy farm poorly at the beginning of the game, and the next day showed controversial statistics, playing for the gank-forester (2/3/3, the last place in the killings and assists). When the whole team’s scheme sometimes relies on you, it doubles the pressure, you should wish the young player good luck. In the match with TL, the way the IG guided themselves in the opponent’s setup was alarming: by the 8th minute, when the Americans had all the ults, the guys stumbled on a bunch of Reikan + GP. The team’s pace towards the end of the game opens with a bright spot, with which Doublelift and the company could not cope. At the moment, IG saves only an individual realization of the moments against which the macro game continues to stagnate.

This is especially true for the game against DAMWON: the unsuccessful combination of the weakest shooters of the current meta, one of whom seems to have coped (Lucian), and the second poorly synergized with support (Ezreal). The start of the game, no doubt, was set, but the IG leitheim is still in question. By the final day of the first lap, Leyan was becoming more and more inconspicuous, not at all restricting the ganks of the enemy forester to the failed bottom line. Subjectively – I would like to look at the neat IG game not at the time of the already given card, but as the basis of a good position in the early timings. The guys showed excellent passive play, which is perhaps another bright spot, inspiring hope.

Reigning World Champions at MSI | Photo: Dot Esports.

Reigning World Champions at MSI | Photo: Dot Esports.

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