Lost Judgment Receives Story Expansion – For The First Time In Game History From The Developers Of Yakuza

Detective action Lost Judgment will receive a set of additional content. In particular, we are talking about both traditional teams for projects Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio DLC, like a set of additional items, and about full story expansion

As per digital enhanced edition description Lost Judgment, its customers will receive the main game and a number of bonuses:

  • Set of items Detective life fun pack (the exit will take place simultaneously with the game);
  • Set School Stories Fun Pack, allowing you to better immerse yourself in the passage of content tied to “school stories“;
  • Some secret story expansion

There are no more precise details of the DLC right now. The developers will reveal more details in the coming months.

Worldwide premiere Lost Judgment should take place 24 september on almost all current console systems, including Playstation 5 and Xbox series x… Read more about the game here

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