LOST ARK received the Lord of Temptation update – a raid with a seductive demoness awaits players

On Russian-speaking servers LOST ARK was launched fresh update, which added the ice Guardian Cangelranium to the game, a new raid with a seductive demoness, and much more. The trailer can be viewed below.

  • New Guardian… The heroes will have to fight the icy and insidious enemy Kangelranium. The glacier dweller is able to freeze his enemies by absorbing the surrounding snow and ice. Brave seekers who have reached level 1460 of equipment will be able to test their strength against the new Guardian. As a reward for collecting souls after defeating Kangelranium, players will receive items for hardening equipment, jewelry, and fetranites of relic and legendary quality.
  • New raid… With the release of the update, heroes will be able to take part in a new raid and meet with the Lord of Temptation, an ambitious demoness – Belakis. The insidious heroine is able to awaken the darkest desires, not letting go of temptation. Only the most persistent will be able to overcome it. The raid is available for teams of 8 people in normal and heroic modes.

Read more about the update. on the official website of the game

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