Lords of Xúlima

Numantian Games is a small developer studio located in the heart of Madrid. Lords of Xúlima , the game we present today, is your first major effort at the international level, an


RPG that mixes some classic concepts of the genre with others that have been incorporated into it in recent years and that we could define as avant-garde.


His journey through the video game industry began a little over a year ago with a kickstarter with a suggested budget of $ 10,000 that was obtained in just under two months. The project quickly convinced users and the specialized press that in


a matter of months they would have access to an ” Early Access ” title or, what amounts to the same, to a versionBetasubject to changes based on the opinion of the players themselves. This system, which has already amply demonstrated its value in the past, leaves here another sample of the good results offered by the dialogue between the study / user binomial .


After a long period of testing Lords of Xúlima appears on Steam for the modest price of € 19.95 , offering a traditional adventure adapted to the times, with more than a hundred hours of play under his belt and a mechanic that seeks to pay homage to timeless classics of the genre like the different Might & Magic or the fallen Wizardry .

Like any good classic RPG that boasts, Xúlima opens the curtain with a brief summary about the reasons that lead us to take part in this adventure.


The story is done in English with subtitles in Spanish as a story, which implies the presence of an omniscient narrator that combines with some comments of the protagonist in the first person . Legend has it that at some point in Earth’s past, nine Lords


descended from the heavens into a still young moorland full of vitality. They divided the continents and separated the vast expanse of Rodinia by seas and oceans that would allow the diversity of species and cultures. The Xulnari, name that


received the celestial creatures, also created a fragment of earth intended to settle the foundations of his reign. The continent was given the name of Xúlima in honor of its inhabitants. From there, the gods would create the Human race , and with it a new period of prosperity .

Lords of Xulima (OSX) screenshot

However, even the Xulnari themselves could not foresee the brutality with which humans would fight each other to conquer and dominate Rodinia .


With the passage of the centuries the enmities grow between different clans and with them the anxieties to conquer new lands. This ambition derives from a war that does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the nine Lords, lost in the oblivion of the lands of Xúlima .


The circumstances reach a critical point and finally motivate the Lordsto take part in the conflict. Unfortunately, also within the gods there are disparate opinions on how to proceed, and with the passage of time one of the nine decides to act on their own and face


their eight remaining brothers. The gods are now engulfed in their own conflict while humans destroy the soil they inhabit without haste but without pause .


The only hope of the gods lies in the skins of a chosen one who sails from Rodinia to Xúlima for the first time in the history of Humanity, whose steps we must guide from the other side of the screen with a select group of brave soldiers who will discover on their journey the darkest side of the cradle of the world.

The chosen one is none other than Gaulen , a character whose personal story is irrelevant in the evolution of the plot, an immutable protagonist whose name or appearance can not be personalized in any way. The soldier serves as a link between the events that take place on


Earth and the celestials. In addition, the weight of being the most balanced of the six characters we control since the beginning of the adventure falls on him . In Lords of Xúlima we can choose a group of soldiers previously created by theCPU or choose our own attributes, always with the aim of establishing a balanced group of magicians and soldiers. This, regardless of the


implications that may have on the mechanics of play as we will see later, implies that the gang that accompanies us has little or no weight in the course of the argument.


Our role is external : we discover what has happened in Xúlimaand we seek a solution to the conflict without personal feelings or plots having a specific weight in the plot.