How to install Valheim mods – how to install Valheim mods

Developers from Iron gate stated that during the early access stage Valheim will not support modifications. However, fans of the game have found a way to change various settings that add or improve some elements of the interface and gameplay. At the moment, several hundred mods are already available, and this is despite the fact that the game was released only a couple of months ago.

Where to find mods

Most of the modifications are laid out on Nexusmods and Thunderstore… For Walheim, a separate section has already appeared on these sites. It should be borne in mind that downloading something from the Internet can pose a potential danger to your computer, so it is recommended to download mods only from trusted sources. You should also pay attention to the number of installations and positive reviews. If there are a lot of them, then the players have already tested and evaluated this application, and you can safely download it to your PC.

In addition to individual mods, there are entire assemblies that include many modifications. In particular, BepInExPack has about 200 individual mods, each of which allows you to customize the game for yourself. Along with that, there is a modification manager – r2modmanto automate the installation process.

Installing Mods

Before adding mods to Valheim, you need to decide on the installation method. This can be the option of manually adding the mod to the game files, or using the installer described above. In the first option, you need to know the location of the game on the computer in order to correctly transfer each individual mod.

Also, keep in mind that different applications can modify different files, so copy the original file to a separate folder before making any changes. You should also carefully read the description of the installation from the author of the modification, since the instructions may differ.

Build BepInExPack Modifications

The BepInExPack mod-pack, as mentioned earlier, is a voluminous assembly of modifications that the user collected in one place. denikson… Currently, the archive includes 224 mods responsible for various aspects of the game. After downloading the archive, you must unpack it into any folder, and install each of the mods based on your preferences (manually or using the modification manager). Transfer mod files follows the following path:

/ steamapps / common / Valheim

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