Lords of the Fallen

And there was Tomasz Gop, a former producer of CD Projekt RED, with the arrival of which City Interactive have finally had an incentive to leave the regiment companies working with «B» category games.

No, Lords of the Fallen of the  – this is not a breakthrough in the genre, not a “killer» Souls series, and certainly not the ideal role-playing game.

But this is the first work of City Interactive, which can be on equal terms with the main evaluate this year’s AAA-games. And this is a huge leap into the future for the Polish company.

Lords of the Fallen begins without delay: after a couple of corridors and a couple of ordinary opponents Harkin, the main character is withdrawn into the arena and forced to fight the first boss, who very much wants to gut intruders.

Repulsed attacker kidneys and liver, Harkin busily shakes blade restock healing potions from the nearest crystal flying and off to save the world, simultaneously searching for wounded mentor who before all this farce pulled him out of jail.

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The first boss is able to deliver a problem only if you decide to move over tea and forget to put the game on pause

The script, perhaps – is the weakest side of the game, a set of cliches and platitudes. Driving known: is elected, there is a very unpleasant supreme villain with a small cohort of lackeys. Against the backdrop of flashing some characters, whose only task is – a couple of times appear on the screen, say a few words and disappear forever.

And the story itself seems flat, where a lot of vision: a long time ago people rebelled against God and overthrew it were free. Gone are hundreds and thousands of years, the land was flooded rogary (local demons) who are willing to kill all living things.

Teams of Lords, and they are subject, of course, to God himself. Harkin also have to kill all the Lords, as many little things, and in the end make a “dark” and howling Bozhkov.

In addition to the main storyline, you can take optional instructions and search a variety of notes. Assignments are of two types – kill and report or post-fetch.

And those and others bring the hero more experience or equipment. Notes also shed light on the past and present of this world, tell the story of some of the characters.

Although, there is nothing interesting you still do not know. After all, what good local story – it is the staging of the next marker setting and justification of an action hero.

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And no, it was not alien blaster – it’s just magic glove with a grenade launcher features, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Just!

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It quickly becomes apparent that the developers did not bet on the plot, but in the world itself, and fights, taking as reference a series of Souls From Software.

Those who have played in at least one part of the Souls series, immediately feel at home – the narrow corridor, two or three enemies in the room, blocks, rolls and key points with a player reborn after death. Is that the Lords of the Fallen seems more dynamic.

Up to a point Lords of the Fallen really feels like Dark Souls  c elements DarkSiders: Wrath of War . Hero waving the sword, covered with a shield or rolls, and sometimes solve simple puzzles in the spirit of “click a button and find the door before it closes.”

But then Harkin finds a magical glove and trained to some spell, and the intensity of the contractions increases dramatically.

The enemy closed shield and does not want to get out? Charge it magic grenade of gloves. We see the archer? Pal’nite a couple of times a magic arrow. A bunch of weak enemies?

Shotgun with you! And if the enemy is too much, then you can put the bait, or just go to the “shadow”, killing one stroke the most vicious creature. So, the battle is the battle you will be closer to the arena with the boss.

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The developers have said many times that the battle with the bosses will be fights, checks the player’s strength. We do not lie. If the first boss will not cause you nothing but mild derision, then the second will arrange a test of reaction speed.

The third force hastily rush into the arena, dodging killing blows. Fourth learn to choose the moment to attack.

That is, each will give a good lesson on survival in this world. Bosses in the game a lot, and many of them are able to spoil the life of the hero.

However, among them there are those whose bosses called by mistake – too easy and predictable. Balance in this respect, unfortunately, in the game.