Blood, flames, magic, chain mail, powerful swords … the medieval fantasy has been a usual setting since the beginning of videogames.


Generation after generation each console has had its particular dose of fantasy, especially in the form of role-playing games, or as it is in the case at hand, role and action games. Become one of those events calendar appointments between presentations, AAAs demos and


interviews in which one enters thinking one thing and comes out with a different opinion, Lords of the Fallen is one of those titles that are classified in a second, which is they hang a label, in this case


“Dark Souls style” and period. But that once you’ve seen moving, although you can dedicate yourself to draw parallels with the From Software series, it’s better to concentrate on its gameplay, since if we start thinking in full game “well, this is Souls” we probably end up vomiting blood for not having been attentive. And it is that this game is like this: A moment of doubt, a decision of attack or wrong defense and it’s over. We will be dead.

Lords of the Fallen is the first great game within its exclusive genre for PS4 and Xbox One in addition to its PC version , a market in which yes we find some rivals for this style that have gone on sale in recent years. The game has been developed by two studios that


have worked side by side, Deck13 and CI Games , directed by a character of the importance of Tomasz Gop , one of the main people in charge of, neither more nor less than The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings , one of the games that this title drinks, at least on an artistic level.

Lords of the Fallen (PC) screenshotLords of the Fallen (PC) screenshot

In fact, its creators have never denied that Lords of the Fallen relies on several role-playing games. The allusions to Dark Souls are clear and the certain thing is that the comparisons, once the game for sale, are going to be inevitable. However, as Tomasz Gop himself says, LotF is not characterized by being innovative but by taking the best of other titles and refining its formula to achieve an attractive product. If you have achieved this objective or we will not be detailing it along the following


lines, where we will talk about each and every one of the relevant aspects of it, as well as show you its character creation system and a few minutes of gameplay as well as to help you defeat one of the first, and most difficult, bosses of Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen (PC) screenshot

Lords of the Fallen (PC) screenshotLords of the Fallen (PC) screenshot

The birth of a …

In Lords of the Fallen we will put ourselves in the skin of Harkyn , a convict who has been freed to try to eradicate the evil that tries to submerge the world in darkness and enslave humanity. The first thing we must do, as players, is to choose the basic parameters of the protagonist, something that will determine our way of dealing with the combats and which will choose our character class.

In the first place we will have three types of magic, of which we must choose one. These powers will allow Harkyn to execute four different spells (depending on the type of magic we have chosen at the time of creating our character) that will be useful throughout the entire adventure. The types in question are the following:

  • Relief: The most conservative type. Thanks to this branch we can recover magic points, stun our enemies or protect us with magic barriers.
  • Altercado: Brute force is the key in this category. We can restore part of our life and launch powerful offensives thanks to its four spells.
  • Disappointment: Subtlety, sometimes, is useful. With this type of magic we can make ourselves invisible or deliver powerful blows by surprise as well as create a clone that will help us in combat.

Once we choose between one of these branches, the following will determine which will be our initial team, something that, combined with the type of magic, will give us as a result our characteristics of strength, vitality, faith, endurance, agility and our character class. As with magic we can choose three different types and quite predictable, from the strong equipped with powerful weapons and heavy armor to a light and subtle equipment thanks to which we can move more nimbly and we can finish our enemies in a more stealthy way.