Long Island Simulator

And Long Island Simulator is exactly this. The demo brought to the Games Week puts us in the shoes of an unidentified individual who came out of a night of barking.
The purpose of the game is simple: get to the bathroom before the rejection is impossible to hold. I realize that putting down this may seem like a classic title on which to laugh, which spreads on YouTube those two weeks and a little bit more, but Smoking Mirror has the very clear ideas. The intention is to replicate the dynamics of various titles, in the case of demo the quick time events typical of the action games.
In the path that leads from the elevator to the bathroom, walk that is made with a strictly procedural movement pattern to replicate the effect of the drum and has the PlayStation commands scheme on an Xbox 360 controller, each time our protagonist finds himself avoiding obstacles and overcoming the evidence that under normal circumstances would not be such .
Squeeze the key, make the stairs without falling over, circumnavigate a table without ruining it ruinously, all that requires timing at the touch of a few keys.
Every time a mistake is filled, a marker of the indicator is filled, which decides the game over if it is filled completely before the time.
Fortunately, thanks to the ability in action games and the experience in terms of bark, I managed to do the business and get to the bathroom wholesome and safe.
The Milan development team still has many ideas for the game, with a Kickstarter shortly announced the excellent feedback from the kermesse audience.
Smoking Mirror has promised more levels that will also dramatically change the gameplay of the game. Think of, for example, a stealth version of the Long Island Simulator , where a teenager is intercepted that does not have to be discovered by parents, making it vital to make a return to the bedroom as quietly as possible.
Another example suggested by the developer is that of a public space where, even drunk crap, one has to escape from a bouncer who chases us among other locals with the will to expel us, partially replicating the dynamics of titles such as Outlast. The team also anticipated the idea of ​​alternative game modes to vary the experience and lengthen longevity, how to choose the cocktail to be taken at the start of the game, each with a different effect of hallucinations, excessive courage that will lead us to compare the bouncers above, and so on.
The technical experience of the study is also seen from the realization that, despite the month of work, is already a good bill. Of course, the game is basically “empty” (and it is difficult to ask more objectively) but already starts from a good basis in terms of polygonal modeling. Unfortunately, the study had no assets to extrapolate for the layout of this article, but soon the demo will be released from the study and you can test it with your hand when the Long Island Simulator can be brilliant.