The nth free bet that dares to venture into a field as saturated as the “shooters” in the first person, a circumstance that does not worry some developers convinced that -they do- have the key to success. And we could say that the only real bet of Texans of Edge of


Reality with this Loadout is precisely that of the distribution model, Free 2 Play, because the game itself is based on a successful hodgepodge of what has become successful to other titles; immediate fun, action bordering on the insane, no learning curve and a lot of joke, which never comes more.

To start talking about this Loadout it is inevitable to refer to another successful title consecrated among the F2P: Team Fortress 2.


To say that one drinks from the sources of the other would be a subtle and elegant way of saying the obvious; the similarities between both games are so many that we would not have been surprised that Loadout had appeared in the market as a “spin off” of that.

Loadout (PC) screenshot

From the first second in front of this title we feel a certain “deja vu” that suggests us to face the success of Valve. The perspective, the mechanics of the game, the caricature of the characters, the variety of weapons, the more excessive “gore” and, above all, that light, color and definition that


identify the latest installment of Team Fortress. With this information we can already have a clear idea of ​​what we are, but Loadout also provides identity signs in search of their own market plot against a title that, although it has aged enviable, is still two thousand seven.

There are two issues that in Loadout stand out above all else; The first is its simplicity. Both in its game mechanics, the action itself and controls, the maps, the configuration …


everything is extremely simple to adopt. From the first game we will completely control the action and the objectives, independently of the requirement that the other players make, as in any other game that depends almost exclusively on the ability. The second issue is weapons, the main attraction of this title.


Contrary to what is offered by simulation games, Loadout has no specialties. In fact at the moment there are only three character models to adopt and nothing differentiates them beyond the modeling itself and voices. The rest of the customization is given by the weapon,

Loadout (PC) screenshot

The biggest attraction with which it is intended to sell this game are the many combinations that can be made with their weapons. Starting from a base we can modify guns, ammunition, sights, butts … Each modification will present improvements in aspects such as the rate of


fire, damage, accuracy, the ability of the shipper, while penalizing others. In this way, each player will customize their weaponry according to the style of


game they like the most. After a few games we will distinguish classic specialties such as sniper, missile launcher, shotgun, melee … All depending on how we are configuring our weapon. In the same way we can choose the type of ammunition and with it move between extremes such as shooting incendiary ammunition at enemies, healing rays to our allies.

The evolution of our weapons will depend, on the one hand, on the elements or accessories that we unlock and, on the other, on the improvement we achieve with each one of them, something that we will detail when we talk about the payment options. During the action


we will be able to alternate two different weapons, with what is pursued that we explore several combinations instead of looking for a single more balanced weapon. Thus, the most common is to perfect a weapon of medium / long range, multipurpose, and choose as a second weapon one that suits the type of game itself. And here the options are very numerous.


We can choose the type of weapon, ammunition and effects. In this way we can equip a rocket launcher with healing projectiles or a sniper rifle with incendiary ammunition. It will be on the battlefield where we will test whether the combination is effective with our gameplay. On the other hand, we will be surprised with how some players have adopted a lethal skill with combinations that seem useless to us.

Loadout (PC) screenshot

The attraction of creating our own weapons is compounded by the fact that when we die, they are available for that enemy that wants to reuse them, with which we can try other specialization routes very different from ours.