Lifeless Planet

Long interplanetary flight ended in a hard landing: American astronaut with a bit of funny body proportions perplexed looks around. There is no life here. And the crew was lost. In all directions up to the horizon – empty and bleak landscapes.

But not for long wanderings through the neighborhood discover the shocking truth: the planet has long been colonized!

Somehow, the Soviet Union has placed the whole scientific basis in this godforsaken corner of the universe, but something obviously went wrong. Houses the famous suburban architecture Brezhnev stagnation times sprinkled with sand, roofs breached, power lines are down.

In one of the local villages abandoned buildings is a fellow astronaut, and even the words do not say before, as something dragged him to the ground.

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In a five-hour game there are elements of the platform and simple puzzles, but even if they do not confuse you. Although some distance really hard to jump, it is more to do with not the most convenient management in conjunction mouse and keyboard rather than a deliberately exaggerated complexity.

Lifeless Planet – what the fashion of recent years in the West is called “simulator reel around the neighborhood.” Because it hardly will appeal to fans Swapper or Capsized: indie star more like a Journey or even Dear Esther.

Lifeless Planet – what the fashion of recent years in the West is called “simulator reel around the neighborhood.”

Almost at the very beginning of the game, David Board reveals his main muse – “Aelita” Alekseya Tolstogo. In fact, there is much more mixed works and authors.

It all starts, as another nice story of the Strugatsky brothers – with a mysterious planet, records and audio diaries of Soviet scientists (by the way, qualitatively voiced by Russian-speaking actors). itself no longer then some of the questions:

The author skillfully replaces the barely disclosed new puzzles, and the script was taxiing toward the mystical “Solaris” Lem. Creepy Laboratory, strange visions, mysterious creatures. At some point it seems that the story is about to be reincarnated into a sheer abstraction, and the David “touches the transcendent,” but in the end everything ends disappointingly simple.

It is vital, even life-affirming, but with questions. They are David offers to answer yourself: the sequel will not. Let your imagination Doris picture of what he chose to remain silent.

The script is perfectly consistent with the oppressive atmosphere of solitude, supported by an excellent musical accompaniment.

Lifeless Planet is linear and full of “corridors”, but it may be the envy of many: in a small and inexpensive indie game felt incredible scale outlandish world, the scope of alien thoughts, peremolovshey Soviet settlers – akin to the series Halo.

Wandered through those territories is meaningless: they are often empty, and important for the promotion of the objects are always in the vicinity of the next obstacle. By the end also attracts not gameplay, but the feeling of a grand mystery.

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At the main character, as well as at an unnamed planet, has its own secrets, fears and aspirations. Through his monologues game it raises much more so than would be expected from the announced entourage and game theme. I’d venture that came from the Lifeless Planet would be a good story in the spirit of the great science fiction writers of the last century.

Perhaps the simple but cute picture would not prevent a greater number of parts, and between the levels it would be necessary to insert the scenes.

Even short: too suddenly astronaut moves from one location to another, as night follows day. But if you really enjoy the fantastic games (fantasy novels – even better), Lifeless Planet – a good choice. And from the heart to jump on the platforms and to break his head over the puzzle can be in other games.