Life Is Strange: Before The Storm takes us where it all started

There are stories that we would never end, with which the player establishes a very special emotional relationship. It is a phenomenon that is not too frequent, but capable of making an unmissable title in a short time, above all thanks to the word of mouth of the users. Life Is Strange, at the time of the publication of its


fifth and last episode , already had a large group of fans that would not have lost the conclusion of the story of Max and Chloe for anything in the world. Characters that nobody had heard of until a few months before, interesting because they were teenagers, with merits, defects and above all problems of everyday life.


With the addition of some super power and the bad guy on duty.If for a second season we will have to wait a little longer, Square Enix has decided to make the wait less difficult with a three-episode package that acts as a prequel to what has been seen so far. 


Life Is Strange: Before The Storm begins with the first episode Wake up, and takes a step back two years, putting aside our favorite photographer able to rewind time. The shot moves to Chloe Price, her best friend. And about another person we’ll tell you in a moment.


Welcome back to Arcadia Bay, the small city where nobody wants to stay, a place linked to the saddest events of their lives. And from where, at the same time, nobody can go away: because it is still home.


Not even Chloe Price, 16-year-old rebel and introverted who would rather end up under a train in progress than relate to another day with things, places and people in her city. Those who played the first Life Is Strange already know well the character’s character, as well as the events of his life that led him to assume certain attitudes against the family and the school environment.


The choice of the three prequel episodes has in this its right because:the new audience will discover for the first time environments and personalities that in the original episodes will be so already familiar and will evolve in a coherent way; the “old fans” instead find in Before The Storm not only details that acquire a new meaning, but two characters too interesting to not receive a separate study, with an adventure of their own. For the first time we have the opportunity to see Rachel Amber on stage. That’s right, that Rachel Amber (who should know, know).


The first episode of the ministry, Svegliati, tells the story of the first meeting of Rachel and Chloe, during a clandestine rock concert in a barn, an event based on alcohol, drugs and “viscidoni”, as Chloe calls them. Rachel comes from a wealthy family of Arcadia Bay, is the high school diva, extroverted to the brunt. In short, the opposite pole of a Chloe in a bill, taciturn and surly.


But it is the different to attract, and the two will soon be joined by a deeper relationship than expected, the only one who (perhaps) manages to save them from the shadows that devour them from within, a product of the loneliness that unites both. Wake up is the story of the birth of this friendship, between lights and shadows, misunderstandings and fear of being alone.