Liberation of Sicily: First Details and Gameplay of Company of Heroes 3

Publisher SEGA and studio Relic entertainment officially announced real-time strategy Company of Heroes 3… The release of the game should take place at the end of 2022 on PC, and registration for the alpha test started on July 13.

The history dates back to 1943. The focus will be “Operation Husky“, during which the allies captured Sicily, after which they turned their attention to Italy.

As the developers said, they decided to focus on the Mediterranean region due to numerous requests from players. COH3 will feature a single player campaign, competitive multiplayer and co-op missions. At the same time, the emphasis is on a variety of factions and a large number of cards.

An important innovation will be a tactical pause, which will allow you to calmly issue orders to units even in the heat of battle. But the main emphasis is placed on adding a dynamic map to the campaign, which evokes associations with Total war… Players will have to issue orders to battalions and take care of supply routes.

“Air and sea strikes will help you to weaken and disperse enemy forces, or to liberate the nearest city and organize a spy network of guerrillas … Think over your actions in advance so that you can then easily implement a series of prudent and deadly strategies that provide an advantage in battle,” said in description.

The shelter system, which has become the trump card of the franchise, will be refined. Relic boasts that the destructibility system has been taken to the next level.

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