Lego Dimensions: Batman Movie

Six levels to retrace precisely and pedisely what is happening in movie film: Story Pack’s plot is the same as the movie, which we have already mentioned in the review, in which you will find a more accurate review of Gotham’s affair. So let’s just focus on gameplay, to figure out what this extra pack can offer to Batman. The mechanics are clearly the same as the rest of Lego Dimensions ,


as we have already denoted in Fantastic Animals and Where To Find It, and in the same way as the latter pack, Lego Batman also has a completely new portal for the base game, which will have to be mounted following all the attached instructions. The base will allow us to re


create the Batcaverna, then move on to building the two characters that are contained in the box (Batman was among the main characters of Dimensions , so you already have it with you): Robin and Batgirl. Along with them, there will be a turn-by-turn vehicle that is Batwing this time, ready to support you in your torso, while Batmobile should already be in your hands for the sam


e reason you already have Batman. Obviously both the Bat Man and the latter are compatible with the new portal, especially becauseLego Dimensions is pursuing the goal of an ever-expanding ecosystem, incorporating any new title of declination from Danish br


icks. Even more than what happened in the previous Story Pack, the title of Warner Bros. with Batman has the great chance of varying on highly ironic and pungent dialogues, just like the character we will find to impersonate: Bruce Wayne wearing his mask black is irreverent, disheartening, incredibly tending to free wickedness, all t


o emphasize your ego and its magnificence. That is why, in short, they will come up against other superheroes in DC, such as Superman, with whom – without wanting to spoil anything – will give birth to siparietti that will strongly refer toB


atman v Superman , for the joy of all the movie makers and gamers slightly more experienced and advanced with age. Better than a MagnumClearly Batman does not obscure Robin and Batgirl, who are already in the movie’s weight. Even in this Story Pack you wil


l have the opportunity to take advantage of their skills, different from each other, and you will often be called to change your alter ego to overcome certain obstacles: just as in line with what is required by a canonical Lego game . Riddles, in any case, will not be overly complex, especially since at this point you should already be well navigated to understand all the mechanics proposed by Dimensions

Lego Dimensions: Batman Movie

: Each level, therefore, extends for about half an hour of duration, for a total of three hours or a little more, depending on your complementary vein. It goes without saying that such a time does not justify the price of the product, which being a Story Pack drives spending to 44.50 euros, almost as a complete title of the Lego series. On the other hand, we already denoted this a


spect and already stressed our concern: the arrival of Lego Dimensionswould have allowed all available licensing iterations to be included in this huge sandbox, with portals and varied experiences. While on the one hand this means having an already installed base already available and the ability to enrich each experience with the characters previously purchased, on t


he other hand, it means selling the expansions, which could be defined as genuine DLC, at too high prices. In any case, there is no excuse and forget about the collector’s appearance, which will allow you to have on your shelf a decidedly fascinating collection of Lego bricks with the most famous characters in the pop culture.