Legends Eyzenvalda

Turn-based strategy Legend Eyzenvalda is undoubtedly one of the best early access games that have ever appeared on Steam. Game from the team from Belarus Aterdux Do the hard and very long way, but still managed to get to the computer users. Moreover, bringing with them almost all the things that were promised developers.

The game world – a grim and harsh medieval times, with nothing overt cruelty, brutality and cynicism. The protagonist – the knight errant rootless. No superpowers, no wealth and connections. So to speak, the representative of the lowest rung of the social pyramid that time.
And while not having “election” and not being marked by the gods for a higher purpose, it pursues its quite ignoble purposes – to get hold of the wealth and gain influence.
As you can see, the beginning is made in the spirits of famous video games, like role-playing Mount & Blade game or even a fantastic turn-based strategy King’s Bounty.
The game world is huge, it a large number of factions that are constantly with each other incessant wars for territory and influence. And the player is free to join any of them.

Because of such high political and military activity, the local map will change almost daily. And the player will have an impact on everything that happens in the most direct way. For example, it can easily capture generic locking (here and those are many) lord hostility, and even destroy it under the base.
And it does not always need to act by brute force: the subtlety of mind and diplomacy in the world Eyzenvalda is no less effective weapons. For example, you can simply wait for a naive fool move out of its feudal castle of affairs, and then, without the noise and dust to take him under his wing stronghold. We offer cheap dressers in Moscow for you.
But this does not mean that the hero does not need the company of a few dozen strong guys.
The gameplay is built again at a fairly familiar and the familiar principle: there is a global (rather beautifully drawn, it should be noted, map), where a large number of a wide variety of objects. This large cities and rural settlements, and the already mentioned locks, and the camp of bandits and so on.

In this case, the protagonist is free to move on the map, at the head of his faithful troops. He is free to take a job at the representatives of the local elite, to join the battle, lay siege to the fortress, organize punitive raids against robbers and conduct other pleasant for mercenary activities.
Battles take place on the same small locations (fields) in increments. When this control is a small party, and a great tactical importance here is precisely its composition: the soldiers involved and their skills.

And it was like turn-based battles are the specialty of Legends Eyzenvalda difference from all other turn-based strategy. Ability to maneuver is practically reduced to a minimum: in his turn the unit can either attack or retreat (provided that he had previously joined the battle). Or simply use the available skills. In addition, the course of the fight directly affected and the time of day, eg night soldier morale plummets, and the archers and crossbowmen start hopelessly miss.
By the way, every soldier here can be developed, giving on a specific “branch skills.” And more and more powerful unit will be in a particular area.
Bottom line: The game features a realistic medieval world, there are good places and unique combat system, there are enough interesting text quests.

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