League of legends esports article

We have already told you about the many changes that will take place in the EU LCS starting from the new competitive year that is about to open up. With the restructuring of the championship, Riot Games aims above all to involve all the players in the sector to build a healthy environment and, above all, profitable for everyone thanks to the new economic agreements and the injection of sound money.

The developer, in order to reward the teams, will introduce a bonus in 2018 in the financial maneuver. The teams will receive economic incentives based on the public that they will be able to bring during the year. The teams, therefore, will be encouraged to grow and grow their fanbase, focusing on the visibility and construction of a strong and recognizable brand.


Here, the public will be considered as the essential cornerstone of the entire structure. The League of legends esports dedicated to the Old Continent, in fact, from the beginning of the regular season will undergo major changes to the broadcasts of the games, to ensure that the public can feel more involved in the competition and have the right amount of time to enjoy it without suffering overlaps.


The team, in fact, seems to have made the right choice by removing the previous format BoT ( Best of Three ) and opting for a slimmer double round Robin Best of 1 . Furthermore, as far as the real competition is concerned, we will see the dismantling of the old Challenger Series in favor of a pan-European tournament that can also involve local teams less noble but with great ambitions.


The championship, we said, will officially open its doors next 19 January , with a new streaming schedule currently scheduled for Friday at 18:00 CET and Saturday at 17:00 CET. Here’s everything you need to know about tickets, times and where to watch the games.

The teams, the schedule

As we anticipated, the schedule for the EU LCS 2018 is as follows: you can enjoy the games from 18:00 CET on Friday and starting at 17:00 CET on Saturday , every week.


So, Thursday and Sundays are no longer included in the calendar for the happiness of those who, for problems of work or other commitments, did not have the opportunity to attend the Weekdays. To stay up to date on the running of the competition you can of course tune in to the YouTube and Twitch channels of Riot Games.


Lolesports, however, has redone the look for the occasion. Now the official website dedicated to the championship and managed by Riot Games allows fans to stay up to date through a new, more readable and intuitive interface, which makes it easier to access all the essential information such as rankings and meetings. Riot Games has also already arranged to sell tickets for the first four weeks of the season, to follow live the games of your favorite team. All tickets can now be found on sale through the Eventbrite website .

The participating teams in league of legends

Here, however, the ten teams admitted to participate in the EU LCS 2018. The teams are still working on the development of their training and, at this moment, it is not possible to have precise confirmation of the roster of each team until after the closure of the registrations at the beginning of January.
• Fnatic (FNC);

• G2 Esports (G2);
• H2K (H2K);
• FC Schalke 04 (S04);
• Giants Gaming (GIA);
• Misfits (MSF);
• Splyce (SPY);
• Vitality (VIT);
• Unicorns of Love (UOL).

The esports calendar  of the first four weeks of the championship

The first lcs game schedule for four days of the continental tournament will take place according to the following schedule:


Friday 19/01 – 18:00 CET:
G2 vs MSF ;
VIT vs H2K ;
UOL vs GIA ;
ROC vs S04 ;
FNC vs SPY .

Saturday 20/01 – 17:00 CET
GIA vs VIT ;
SPY vs UOL ;
H2K vs FNC ;
G2 vs ROC ;
MSF vsS04 .


Friday 26/01 – 18:00 CET
GIA vs G2 ;
SPY vs ROC ;
MSF vs H2K ;
VIT vs FNC ;
S04 vs UOL .

Saturday 27/01 – 17:00 CET
H2K vs GIA ;
UOL vs ROC ;
VIT vs MSF ;
SPY vs S04 ;
FNC vsG2 .


Friday 02/02 – 18:00 CET
UOL vs H2K ;
GIA vs ROC ;
S04 vs VIT ;
G2 vs SPY ;
FNC vs MSF .

Saturday 03/03 – 17:00 CET
UOL vs VIT ;
S04 vs GIA ;
ROC vs FNC ;
H2K vs G2 ;


Friday 09/02 – 18:00 CET
H2K vs SPY ;
ROC vs VIT ;
GIA vs MSF ;
FNC vs UOL ;
G2 vs S04 .

Saturday 10/02 – 17:00 CET
VIT vs SPY ;
H2K vs S04 ;
ROC vs MSF ;
FNC vs GIA ;
G2 vsUOL .

The Playoffs , however, will be held after the Ninth Day of the regular season and will start from Friday, March 23rd, with the quarterfinals. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played on Friday and Saturday, just like the regular season. The finals, however, will remain scheduled for the weekend, ie Saturday and Sunday. The details about the final, of course, are not yet known.


Therefore, we can only wait with trepidation for the start of the 2018 competitive season, given that we are really very curious to discover the effective effectiveness of the new Riot Games policy for the European bracket. Moreover, considering how the previous one ended, we can hardly believe (also observing the participating teams) that we will be able to enjoy an unforgettable show.