Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear reminds disneylendovsky attraction “Haunted House.” There you sit in the truck and look around the house populated by witches, ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Sounds scary music in the air circling holographic projection of the graves stick rotten hand, and the output turns out that the trip you “catch” the evil spirit, who now lives in your body.

Attraction, despite the otherworldly nonsense, not terrible. You do not give off the rails, which carry, and it is at the root kills the nascent terror. No risk, a sense of danger – also, but the pleasure of walking on the “House of the Haunted” very real. Because then, at the end of it all, we expect from “Disneyland”, “happiest place on earth”?

Another thing, when the same security program is playing horror. The Layers of Fear you, in theory, should shake out of his pants, bring to a nervous breakdown and a state of panic, and eventually put in the same carriage as in the “haunted house”, and within three hours drive on the mansion.

About truck no kidding – of course it’s metaphorical, but you and step to the side to do not give. No free movement through the levels, you even can not return back, because unneeded doors locked immediately.

Authors Layers of Fear worn with the player even more than the workers “Disneyland” – God forbid stumble, confused, did something not on the script. And even you can not die here. Monsters in the game, at least those that could harm the protagonist is not the plot.

Game trailer.

You will quickly realize your immunity and start fooling around – the punishment will not be hidden from anyone. Despite the horror of things happening, you – the master of the situation.

As the game progresses, I often recalled Alien: Isolation , which frightened his unpredictability, nezaskriptovannym stranger who overtook anywhere.

This created a sense of constant danger, I look around and listen in the darkness of the space station corridors. Do not audible rattle of claws on the metal floor? Remember, Layers of Fear does not offer you anything just as exciting.

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Pictures appearing in Layers of Fear

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Much better than the authors succeed orchestrated the situation and work with the environment. The game tells the story of a crazy artist, his family and paintings for which he had sacrificed everything that was dear to him. You disclose the details of the drama unfolding in an old mansion from scraps of memories you collect a story that every hour more and more fascinated.

The mansion is divided and its history through the scenery. Sins and emotional throwing madman distort beyond recognition levels: empty nurseries with skewed, disfigured dolls, curved cabinet is reminiscent of “Interstellar” final, animated picture, burst into reality.

Yes, Layers of Fear goes through with pointless running about – 90% of the time you wandered through the corridors, and open the door and the door (like playing in the spin-off of Call of Duty about Captain Price). Yes, Screamer there is absolutely banal, predictable and silly, but they are not afraid, but the history of the artist, the understanding of what they are you – eventually aiming for.

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You see, the idea of ​​ruining and reshapes human, you are inside the tangled mind. And from this, and not from the lazy Screamer, it becomes uncomfortable. Especially in the final, which turns the game into highly complex metaphor.

Layers of Fear have enough drawbacks: it is not too terrible, too linear. But the plot and the atmosphere elevate it above other indie horror. If you are not willing to spend money on it now, wait for sales – the game can be a memorable experience for you.