LA Noire, the Nintendo Switch version

Just as in the adventures of a time, a double tap on the screen will cause the detective to move in one direction, interact with an object, or examine a clue.


Dragging your finger on the touchscreen will turn the objects in Phelps’s hand, but also manipulate the notebook directly by browsing it, or by reviewing all the current clues in the case. With the console in your hands, the use of the touchscreen is intuitive, althoug


h it takes a bit of handshake with the sensitivity of the movements as well as calibration of the pointing (if you have hands as big as mine, arm yourself with a bit of patience).

Also for that feeling of adventure game, in the version Switch of LA Noire you will be able to enjoy two additional shots missing in the original, as in the editions for PS4 and Xbox One . One is distant, broadens the field of view and allows you to have a wider view


of the whole crime scene, or anyway of the situation in which Cole Phelps at that time, just like in the visual adventures with distant visuals. This makes it easy to use the touchscreen and the console’s “in hand” use, because through the touches on the screen


you can move around the scene without ever having to move the camera. The second shot is, however, closer than normal, with great mobility help to analyze the hidden details on the console’s small screen, but also if you want to disable sound and vibration aid


that, as in the original game, presence of clues nearby. Regarding the small divine controllers of the Grande N console, the Joy-Con , are fortunately well-placed, almost protagonists, in this version of LA Noire

LA Noire, the Nintendo Switch version

. Meanwhile, the HD Rumble is well-placed in gaming dynamics: Joy-Con vibrates vigorously in action scenes such as screaming and shooting, while shaking tremendously to suggest to the player the presence of a clue to be analyzed. Joy-Con is also


a member of a series of movements, mainly all that is usually done with the analog left. Check the objects, examine the corpses, but also maneuver the camera (red card for not taking advantage of the opportunity to move the torch directly with the Joy-Con) and


the assisted aim during the firing. Even in this case, like for the touchscreen, you have to take our hand a bit and you will probably end up turning off the motion sensors even during sessions with the Grip , but it’s definitely remarkable the work done to im


plement the technology behind the controllers.
If in portable mode, then LA Noire is largely promoted, problems arise when the console is inserted into the dock and played on a TV panel . As


you could imagine, LA Noire’s engine makes it harder to turn on Switch, perhaps more for the age of the same th


an for the lack of the console. We are still faced with a six-year-old game on the shoulders, which shows many pop ups, some of which are frankly embarrassing with palaces suddenly emerging at times, and aliasing that ruins the horizon in the distance and de


tails at the average distance, especially while moving in the car. Closed, of course, the situation improves considerably and all these problems disappear.