KOTRC: Games that Made Us Rage Quit

We play video games for many reasons, sometimes to blow off some steam after a long day of work or just to relax and unwind. For many, this is a great escape from life’s little (and big) problems and gives us a moment to breathe and be clear headed, but other times, we can get down right mean. We are human after all, and frustrations are bound to build up, but in some instances, we just had to put the controller down (or through the television) and be mad. Here are the games that got the best of us and made us rage quit for one reason or another.

Jacob S. – World of Warcraft

Whenever my brother and I were frustrated about anything in life my dad would utter the words “Patience and perseverance” in hopes to remind us that everything is achievable if you keep a calm head… Well, I doubt my father has ever been ninja looted for an important piece of gear they needed for their tank before. Nothing was more crushing when somebody would take it upon themselves to “steal” the gear that “you” are entitled, but the worst happened back when playing in the Vanilla days where somebody took off with some Zul’Gurub plate gear from what was my first ever raiding experience in WoW. Needless to say, I took a week off of World of Warcraft just to cool off.


Alex S. – F-Zero GX

I like to think of myself as a game competitionist. No challenge is too… challenging I say! Well F-Zero GX on the GameCube pushed me to the absolute breaking point. Trying over and over and I just couldn’t seem to get over the challenge of the game’s story mode. I can’t count a number of times I rage quit after losing a race by a hundredth of a second for the hundredth time. Well, I finally made it through and beat the game and even though I rank it as my proudest gaming moment, I still curse that game’s name to this day.

Colin K. – Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is truly an exercise in patience. The first greatest challenge to overcome is the matchmaker, who decides whether you will win or lose much more than how experienced you are with the game or your chosen hero. Often, you will find yourself conveniently matched against your characters perfect counter, or matched with a team of potatoes, or perhaps it’ll throw you against a four or five man premade group, where you’re just expected to be able to play the game with your four randoms. Whichever it may choose for you this evening, Heroes of the Storm has plenty of tactics to get its players to *Almost* ragequit. That’s right, almost. Just when you’re at your breaking point, the all-powerful matchmaker will suddenly give you team mates who know the basics, or enemy heroes that you can hold your own against or even counter. Or just maybe you will be that lucky tag along matched with a team of four. It’s easy to get to the point of rage-quitting in Heroes. The important part of playing is knowing when matchmaker has decided that tonight will be a losing streak for you, and then just not playing. If you get good at intuiting that, you’ll be able to tell after just a game or two, and then you can save yourself many a headache.

There is our rage quit moments but we want to hear from you. Which games got you salty and screaming? Let us know about your rage inducing video game moments in the comment section below.