Knight’s Tale spoke about the mechanics of the game – review addiction

Tactical Fantasy RPG Authors King Arthur: Knight’s Tale presented the first dev diary dedicated to game mechanics.

The events of the project represent a fantasy based on the myths of King Arthur, when the resurrected Mordred begins to fight with the ruler turned into a monster.

According to the creators, the project is designed for players who value complexity – so every movement will be important in battle with opponents. During battles, you need to pay special attention to the map, where different elements of the environment can become both an advantage and a disadvantage.

In addition, you will need to carefully weigh the situation before the battle – sometimes a straightforward attack makes more sense, while in other situations it is better to wear down the enemy.

Also, the player will have to make many difficult decisions on the plot, and there are no simple and unambiguous answers to situations – the world is gloomy enough, and there are no unambiguous heroes or villains in it. Behavior will also affect the surrounding knights and relationships with other characters.

In parallel with all this, it will be necessary to pump the capabilities and abilities of satellites, each of which has its own preferences and characters. Sometimes they may not approve of the decisions made by the player, and then the consequences will not be long in coming.

Now King Arthur: Knight’s Tale can be purchased in Early Access Steam for 619 rubles. Later, the project will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series.

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