Kishchuk from “Silver” threw off her clothes and knelt

Singer Ekaterina Kishchuk, the former soloist of the popular musical group “Silver”, decided to throw almost everything off herself and kneel down, showing the fans exciting perspectives on their virtues.

According to, Yekaterina Kishchuk posted new pictures on her Instagram page. The celebrity left only a tight corset and pantyhose on the net, after which she knelt in front of the photographer right at the window. In the second frame, Kishchuk even bent very strongly, but a bright flash prevented the fans from examining its roundness in all details. However, fans of Katy Kishchuk were pleased with her publication, which soon gained nearly 400 thousand likes from network users and hundreds of different comments.

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Fans of Kishchuk wrote that thoughts about the star warm them in cold evenings, especially after such hot shots. Many were amazed at why uploading such photos at all, because you can’t calmly look at them. Some fans simply started offering Kate Kishchuk their hand and heart, saying that they were crazy about the girl. Some were much sharper in their expressions and desires regarding Katie Kishchuk. Others joked that right at the time of the picture they were below under Kishchuk’s house, and saw her from such angles through the window.

26-year-old Yekaterina Kishchuk after leaving the Serebro group continued her solo career as a singer under the name Katerina, reports. Celebrity records her own singles, and is working on a new album and video clips.