Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix

This collection is aimed at those wishing to learn the whole story of Sora and understand why strange RPG with a bunch of Disney characters have gained such popularity.

It is possible that the third part (which is ever necessarily will) make the most accessible for beginners – or permanently will include black-and-white memories, or record a video of past events – but to have a great deal is happening and understand all the references, it is advisable not ignore at least 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX .

Adventure begins on Destiny Islands, where Sora, Riku and Kairi are discussing plans to build a boat and go to distant worlds. During the hour they talk, fooling around and look for materials that night things went awry – the islands are attacked by some heartless, Sora and friends disappear.

The main character gets their hands on Key Sword and into the distant city of Traverse Town, where he met with Donald and Goofy. He, unlike many of us, cartoons, Disney was not looking, so what happened is not particularly surprised, but the fate of his friends are constantly worried.

New companions, is also looking for someone, namely the holder of the key that can protect against the penetration of the worlds in them the Heartless.

In part, they already get into the Disney locations, because of what King Mikki Maus was forced to leave his throne and leave behind only a note. It turns out that the right person is found and you only save the worlds and find Riku, Kairi and Mickey.

To do this, the characters will visit the most unexpected places – from Wonderland, where the Queen was about to execute Alice, to the Atlantic with the indispensable participation of the Little Mermaid and Ursula.

Though the original Kingdom Heartst his year and turned over a dozen years, she looks very well preserved. The main disadvantages, such as the outdated graphics and a very long downloads, disappeared almost completely.

Although the modern game is still difficult to call, thanks to the visual style it leaves a good impression. Compared with the version for the PS2, there are improvements in governance – the camera will move Stick, and no bumpers on the controller, by interaction with objects is now allocated a separate button. These features have been added to the reprinting for the PS3, but you certainly them for whatever reason missed.

Timeless style perfectly hides the age of the first part.

But the gameplay has not undergone significant changes. There is still not always clear where to go, so get stuck in a certain world, and run from one of his mini-location to another will have no time.

Sometimes shown after the movie you need a couple of times to talk to the character to advance further on the subject, but this one did not even hint. So get ready to stick to and fro, to interact with all the objects and characters, and hope that it somehow helps.

The situation is complicated by the fact that jumping on platforms require meticulous precision – one wrong move and have to spend extra seconds over and over again.

But to pass the first Kingdom Heartscan not without pleasure. The plot is interesting, each new world is full of unusual characters with their problems, combat system, though ridiculously simple, but bored to the finals does not have time.

Given that this is the final re-release, developers can clearly pay attention to some archaic gameplay elements. But even with them, the game will give a lot of bright and memorable episodes.

In the sequel to correct the deficiencies tried and paid special attention to the combat system. Even the appearance of a button to instantly turn behind enemy has brought in enough fights dynamics. There is also an attack carried out by pressing the triangle on your controller at the right time – they can be used both during normal fights, and in battles with “bosses”.

Plus a new ability called Sora Drive Form allows him to absorb the skills of one or two companions and become much stronger.