King’s Quest – Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause

In captivity tales

Recall that the plot of the new part is based on the memoirs of the elderly Graham, unchanging character of the first game of the legendary series.

In A Knight to Remember , he told his grandchildren as a result of a string of dangerous and funny adventure became king of fairyland Daventry. There was fashionable today a moral choice, and one of the key characters died in front of us, but still the atmosphere of the first part was quite easy.

Can not be said about Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause. Here Graham recalls how he immediately after the ascent to the throne was captured by goblins.

Yes, he is not alone, and almost all the key characters from the first episode – an elderly pair of alchemists, mustachioed confectioner Bramble with his pregnant wife, dashing and brave armorer Amaya and even a goat (in the literal sense of the word) Mr. Fancy Cakes.

Goblins, of course, fun. They have been reading all sorts of legends and fairy tales and is now in its dungeons trying all this bring to life – sleeping on the pyramid of mattresses, under which lies a pea, hard kiss frightened frog, trying to squeeze their feet into the slipper fragile.

And yet here you can find the stone, which hammered the legendary sword Excalibur – only with a frying pan instead of a blade. Yet on the whole there is not a laughing matter, but the atmosphere closest to the “tellteylovskoy» of The Dead for Walking.

King’s Quest – Survival Edition

The fact that all the characters are sitting in prison and gradually lose strength – from hunger, fatigue or illness.

Graham somehow periodically released from the chamber, and it is in sight of the goblin-guards looking for ways to help others – it is, of course, a convention that writers almost never explain.

And the help you need, because the escape from prison will only be the case if at least one of the prisoners will be released from the cell and will be quite vigorous and strong, so that together with Graham pull the lever at the massive door.

King's Quest — Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause обзор игры

Watch here is really painful and unpleasant.

To advance the plot, Graham has to go to bed – and with every passing day, health supplies the remaining characters are reduced. Therefore, the whole game you have to think where to place a piece of meat that we give out every morning to buy the found gold – medicine for pregnant wife Bramble or food for couple of alchemists. Or maybe give the potion to the poor goat? And all to save everyone, everyone to be vigorous and healthy, and that one morning not see how goblins by funeral music carried away on a stretcher, for example, Amayu?

royal elections

The result was really a non-linear flow. Way to achieve the goal of obtaining long-awaited freedom and depends on who you bet who saves. Chet alchemists will offer to make a bomb, Bramble and his wife bake poisoned cookies for goblins, and Amaya, of course, will ask to bring her a sword.

Therefore, having Rubble Without A Cause for the first time and was rescued, for example, a spouse Bramble, you will not know about the other half of the situations and opportunities that exist in the game. Another thing, if you try to pull out all …

It is a choice, and in the final – akin to what was in the first part. Torn between Graham in his memoirs, provisionally, power and compassion, we will again affect the way how to behave like his grandchildren in the present.

Themselves in riddles Rubble Without A Cause mostly classic, designed for the collection and proper use of items. Acrobatics to overcome the traps are minimized, and exercises with QTE and disappeared altogether. Challenging puzzles, however, there is also virtually absent. But you can tell tales and goblins to scare their huge shadow of a very small dragon.

King's Quest — Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause обзор игры

That’s the way the game in the final sums up your choices and actions.



King’s Quest – Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause significantly shorter than the first episode, and there is no such a variety of puzzles and situations. Instead, the authors decided to look into the territory of fashion today about the survival of games, suggesting a much more responsible moral choice and true non-linearity. In this case, they are not just copied and spy on colleagues and did everything with his usual humor the series, retaining its original atmosphere of danger and at the same time amusing tales. And most importantly, we have seen that the developers are willing to experiment with the format and mechanics, did not dwell on something one. Especially interesting is that they come up with next time.