Kingdom Hearts, the whole story – part 2

Sora, Donald and Pippo awaken in the true Crepuscopoli, not the digitized version inside which DiZ puts to sleep Roxas. After finishing their one-year suspended animation, they meet Mickey and Yen Sid, who informs the trio of the existence of Xemnas and hence of none and of Organization 13: essentially of all Roxas’s events.

Sora is therefore called on a new major trip that will also take him to Riku’s search, which in turn begins at the assault of the Organization and the Hearthless, commanded by

Malefica with the support of Pietro Gambadilegno. It will be at the Dark Fortress that Sora will finally be able to order on Ansem’s figure because Topolino here reveals to them that the antagonist who defeated a year before was no more than the Hearthless of Xehanort, a pupil of Ansem the Wise, as we had already anticipated.

Sora also learns that Xemnas, no one of Xehanort, is planning the Kingdom Hearts recreation by collecting all the hearts Sora is releasing with his Keyblade. During the trip Keyblade will also have the opportunity to meet Axel, who is in the heart of Sora the presence of her now lost Roxas: Axel will help the trio to reach the world that does not exist, the seat of Organization 13 and their Kingdom Hearts.

Once there, Sora succeeds in finding Kairi and Riku, whose appearance has been changed from the darkness to make him assume the appearance of Ansem the Wise, a mutation that forced him to live hooded to hide and not be recognized by his friends. He also revealed the link between Sora and Roxas, the group meets on top of the Castle That Does not Exist, with DiZ revealing to be Ansem the Wise, back from the Darkness to destroy anyone’s Kingdom Hearts with a device specifically created to absorb artificially created hearts.

The machine, however, self-destructs by excessive power and, besides swallowing Ansem, which is shipped in a parallel dimension, to return to Riku his true form, sucking all the darkness that his heart had absorbed. Returning to the normal form, he decides to help Sora in the final fight against Xemnas, using what is left of Kingdom Hearts feeds to take on multiple forms. The clash, which seeks to win ours, hurls Sora and Riku into the realm of Darkness,

Kingdom Hearts, the whole story - part 2

Kingdom Hearts Coded

At the Island of Destiny, once defeated by the threat posed by Xemnas and after finishing all the derivations of Xehanort, Sora is about to leave for a new major voyage. To inform him is King Mickey with a letter telling what happened in a short time between the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, events narrated in Kingdom Hearts Coded. As soon as h

e returned to the Castle together with Donald, Pippo and the Talking Cricket, they noticed, rewriting the Grillary, that only two pages were filled, with two mysterious phrases, both referring to Naminé: thanksgiving and an invitation to go back to her steps to cure her torments. Mickey decided to digitize the Grillario and consequently Sora, which is shipped between the Grillarium pages to

eliminate bugs and clarify the situation. During his trip Sora is often found to be helped by a hooded man who sails to be Riku, or rather a digital replica: his job was to protect all the memories of the Grill and also reveal that everyone at that moment finds himself within the playback of the Digital Grill.