Killing Floor 2

Emerged in 2005 as a mod of Unreal Tournament 2004, the title became a phenomenon of such caliber that in 2009 it would turn into a completely independent videogame. Going back to see it in movement years later it is easy for me to understand the reas


ons why it has become a phenomenon for so many people, and even though it is so simple that it borders on the simplistic, it has in its entrails all the appropriate mechanisms of the good Swiss watch to work in an unbeatabl


e way in terms of being able to offer fun with a handful of colleagues and nail a fast pace that hits us to the screen. What about the second part?


 Now comes this sequel after having spent several months in Early Access Steam, and does so with the promise not only limit our relationship with colleagues to the cooperative, but also offering a succulent and hilarious versus mode.



World War Zed

You are not on Killing Floor 2 because of the plot, nor I … or anyone! But still there is a slight context for the video game. If in the first part we had a sort of zombie holocaust due to the dangerous practices of a company of few scruples, this time the e

vents happen a month later. In the original the plague had begun to splash places in England, but now in such a short time the infection af
fects all of Europe, and that means that chaos has appropriated the European Union, that governments do not govern and that only we can save the old continent from the complete debacle and collapse.


Killing Floor 2 analysis

The Zed are still a fearsome rival when large hordes gather, so it is always good to be accompanied to face them.

This simple base, which is not presented in reality during the game, serves as a pretext to propel an action that has its main course in the cooperative for six players . Here we are faced with a handful of friends, or strangers through an agile


matchmaking and that allows you to join other fans during the game, to different waves of Zedsthat end with the classic crown of the final boss in the last round. What happens when we finish? We conclude the level and


we can start with the next one that the search engine gives us. This is how a simple experience is constructed in appearance, form and background, but it is fun and very entertaining despite it. Do not wait for the game of the year, that is something tha


t you have already reached the conclusion a few lines ago, but expect a brainless and brutal action that, together with the right compan


y through the internet, can keep you glued to the screen during hours. Although always in small dioceses, because everything that is simple and easy to understand also has it as basic and repetitive, and that can cause an important satiety.


Killing Floor 2 PC

Roza simplistic, but is able to offer multiplayer fun at a fast pace

The interesting thing is that, apart from a handful of new characters (some brilliantly out of place) also debuts a competitive that fac

es a maximum of six humans against six Zed and it is quite fun. The soldiers face waves that, in this occasion, are controlled in some monsters in particular by other players and that are highlighted by a red shading around them
. This way we get a modality that respects the keys of the one that made the original famous, but that adds to the equation the fun incentive to rotate between each other and, especially in the case of monsters, go round by round. annoy the other side by setting traps and giving them scares.


For the human side , and as in the first part, the key is that between round and round opens the weapons storethat allows us to invest the money obtained by killing creatures in whatever we want. I had not played the original for several years, so


I have enjoyed more than I remembered with the tension that is repeated in the sequel when it comes to not knowing where the trade will


appear (it appears in random places on the map) and tracing at full speed with my companions of fatigas plans on what type of arsenal we sho


uld bow each one. There is a vast supply, but between how well adjusted the prices are and the fact of the penalty for death in our savings there is a constant sense of anguish that fits very well with the spirit of the program itself.