Kill Strain

success MOBA-games is haunted by many developers, and Sony is also affected. Although representatives of this genre rarely visited console due to not very convenient operation, some attempts igrodelov yet undertaken. See complete similarity Dota 2 and League of Legends , of course, is unlikely.

Take, for example, Kill Strain – its creators from Sony San Diego tried to take some of the elements of the popular MOBA.

Kill Strain game review

Outside of training to see this hideous font almost do not have to.

Three men in a boat 

Kill Strain tells the story of a failed experiment, due to which the rapidly approaching end of the world, and the survivors were divided into two warring factions. Fight each other they have no reason to, as in this story there is a third party – mutated members of the human race. This, in general, business and limited – not the story campaign, nor to tell the details are no videos here.

After completing the three stages of learning, which can not be explained almost nothing, the player can only start a multiplayer match. Before you do this, you need to buy on the market beloved hero – a couple of hundred local currency units generously give out for free. It is not necessary to explain that in this shareware game was not without powerful characters for money, have a much more useful skills than their “cheap” colleagues. So I wish worthy act in battle, it is desirable to fork.

When the match begins, understand what is happening on the screen is very difficult. Compulsory education is about the possibility of throwing a grenade to kill strains of the virus, as well as the destruction of enemy bases – as soon as any party does, the match will be over. The rest have to understand yourself: where to recover after the injury, what tactics are best used for that character abilities and in what situations they are best suited. Yes, a long training in video games sometimes annoying, but what is offered here, little help.

Therefore, every game reminiscent of some mess. People run to and fro, not knowing what to do. Mutated monsters are killed, as are more nimble and quick. And if a man died about strain, it can and does turn into a monster and join someone else’s team.

In those cases, when he was dying near the infected place or time to crawl away, he revived after a few seconds. Judging by the lack of explanation of the mechanics, the developers wanted to make it a surprise, but to win such “surprises” will not help anyone.

Kill Strain game review

If at least a couple of players at the same time will cause the robot to get to the base will be easy.

Most illogical to Kill Strain – definition of winners. If it’s been twenty minutes (standard time of the match) and draw the base was not destroyed, win mutants. If someone’s base is still destroyed, leaders are defined not by their actions, and the number of points earned.

So even with frequent tasks and desire to lead the team to victory, you can be the underdog simply because someone is doing something that gave him more points. Even the victory did not bring – the player simply look for a minute at the blaze base and exits from the menu.

The very idea that the destruction of one of the three bases leads to the end of the game, it seems strange. By and large there are no winners in a match – there is only the losing side. Even if outsiders were the representatives of one of the human factions, what happens next?

Continue if left to fight with mutants? Apparently not. In this there is no logic, especially when you consider that this is the main idea of ​​the game.

Much more sense it would be in the war between humans and mutants, but in the pursuit of the original developers did not seem to notice how absurd it looks like what is happening.