Kazuma Kiryu or Typhoid Lockhart? – Katsuhiro Harada admitted which character would be glad to see in Tekken 7

Fighting game Tekken 7 Since its release, has managed to become home to several guest characters. Unusual heroes such as Prince Noctis Lucis Calum from the role-playing game joined the fighter roster Final Fantasy XV and the brutal Nigan from the series The walking dead from the channel AMC. Given this fact, every new season in Tekken 7 is necessarily accompanied by speculation and requests from the fan community, which every time tries to convince developers to add their favorite to the game. Most often, all questions are sent personally Katsuhiro Harade, the permanent producer of the series.

In a recent correspondence with the developer on the social network Twitter one of the users asked Harada a question who he personally wanted to see in Tekken 7, if he could choose from absolutely any other game series. In response, Harada said that he had certain preferences, but first he would like to hear suggestions from other players. The reaction was not long in coming, and literally hundreds of different names hit the developer, including Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza and typhoid lockhart of Final Fantasy VII. At some point, even the official account of the series joined the discussion thread Dead or alivewho left a few meaningful emojis.

And after some time, to the surprise of many, Of the myriad of options, Katsuhiro Harada reacted to just one name. Namely on captain pricefamiliar to any fan of the shooter series Call of duty.

“For me personally, he is the most favorite character,” Harada wrote.

How to relate to this statement is not yet entirely clear. Perhaps Harada was just just joking, lunge in the direction of the gaming community, stopping at the most unexpected of the options. Or all this may not be a joke, and at some point the brave military will collide in the same arena with the Mishima clan. Fans note that earlier Harada similarly reacted to Nigan, and he eventually appeared in the fighting game.

In any case, the new guest character for Tekken 7 will have to wait, because according to Bandai Namco, there will be no “guests” in the third season.

The Tekken 7 was released in 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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