“Joker” and “The Lion King” entered the top ten highest-grossing films of the year – review

Service Mojo counted money earned in 2019 by the highest grossing films.

In the first place question, there were no sensations: the epic thriller “Avengers: Final“Managed to beat all competitors not only in the year, but also in history, breaking the record”Avatar“.

The whole year turned out to be successful for the cinema. Eight films managed to raise more than a billion dollars – an amount that until recently seemed unrealistically high. It is also worth noting that along with the products Disney and other American film giants, Chinese films are confident in the global market.

The data provided by Mojo is not always completely accurate, especially in relation to films that are still in the box office.

Also, companies do not always honestly name the project budget: as practice shows, most often they indicate only the production budget, while the cost of advertising and marketing can be about the same.

Film Film company World fees, $ Budget, $
1 Avengers: Final Marvel, Walt Disney 2,798 billion 356 million
2 Lion king Walt disney studios 1,656 billion 260 million
3 Frozen 2 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 1, 168 billion 150 million
4 Spider-Man: Away from Home Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures 1,132 billion 160 million
5 Captain marvel Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios 1,128 billion 152 million
6 Toy Story 4 Walt disney studios 1,073 billion 200 million
7 Joker Warner bros 1,063 billion 55 million
8 Aladdin Walt disney studios 1,051 billion 183 million
9 Fast and Furious: Hobbs and the Show Universal pictures 759 million 200 million
10 Nejia Chengdu Coco Cartoon, Beijing Enlight Pictures 700 million Unknown
eleven Wandering Earth China Film Group Corporation 699 million fifty million
12 Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Studios 598 million 250-300 million
thirteen How to Train Your Dragon 3 Dreamworks Universal pictures 520 million 129 million
14 Maleficent: Lady of Darkness Walt disney studios 490 million 185 million
fifteen It’s 2 Warner bros 472 million 79 million