Jason Schreyer: Sony is preparing to launch the PlayStation 5 several exclusives that will not be on the PS4

A few days ago the head Xbox Game Studios Matt Butie confirmedthat in the next two years, all of the company’s gaming innovations will continue to be created, including for Xbox onedespite the upcoming launch Xbox Series X. But what about Playstation 5?

According to the news editor Kotaku jason schreier, Sony not going to follow the path of its main competitor. Discussing insider information with regards to nextgen consoles and PS5 in particular, Schreier mentioned that several games from the PlayStation 5 launch line will only be released on the new Sony console.

“I’ve heard something about several PS5 starting titles. I won’t name them yet, because I’m most likely going to do this material in the future, but they will only be available on PS5.”

In the same episode, Schreier noted that he did not have information about the upcoming Xbox Game Studios, but the journalist is confident that the Microsoft gaming line will continue to reach the largest possible audience and will focus less on exclusives.

New generation consoles will be released in the fall of 2023.

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