Iran demands the recognition by Nintendo

Each user who has got the official website of the Nintendo, kindly offered the opportunity to select the region of residence from the drop down list.

Unfortunately, the people of Iran, this feature is not available, or rather, their country is not represented in the list, and they are going to fight for the right to become full-fledged members of the world community of the game.

In addition to Iran, Nintendo does not see on the map of the world and all the other Middle East countries. Over the continents is a huge logo of the company, which is simply closes this region, as well as many others.

In Nintendo competitors in the console market to Sony and Microsoft face with the geography of the situation is a little better. On the websites of these companies can find countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

A full list of the regions on the Xbox website can be seen even Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan – the country rarely seen in the coverage area of gaming companies.

However, Iran in any of the lists are still not, and local gamers it’s very frustrating. The second largest country in the Middle East is simply deleted from the console segment, and yet 78 million people live in Iran.

And according to the researchers and Video Game Foundation (IRCG) and Digital Games Research Center (DIREC) in 2015, there were 23 million gamers.

Agree, this is a very large market. But why game companies bypassed by his side? As part of the publication of the report for the 2017 fiscal year Nintendo has sounded a number of reasons, which consciously avoids this region. Apparently, similar reasons and are guided by other companies.

Business activity in these regions may be linked, according to the Nintendo, the following risks: a) The deterioration of the situation under the influence of economic or political factors; b) the complexity of the inconsistency of multilateral taxation systems and diversity of interpretation of tax laws; c) the complexity of the recruitment and its security g) the complexity caused by the division of society under the impact of the terrorist attacks, wars and other catastrophic events.

But in spite of this attitude on the part of the largest gaming companies, the Iranians do not lose heart and continue to play in the game. Now it is a very strange market, which is controlled by the sometimes unpredictable external factors on the one hand, and the desire of the Iranian gamers consume content – on the other.

Online trends of recent years, according to the Iranians themselves, make an already unstable video game market in the country even more chaotic.

As a result, gamers from Iran are willing to fight for recognition of his country among the major game companies. This, of course, would put an end to the rand, which is going on in the gaming arena, Iran. However, the companies themselves do not hurry to change something, but the messages on the Internet on this subject is increasing.

It should also be noted that the Iranian authorities do not really contribute to the stabilization of the situation in the gaming market, and just insert your gamer spokes in the wheel. For example, as writtenGmbox, Iran became the first country to ban Pokemon Go at the official level. After such a build relationships with the Nintendo console and other brands will not be very easy.