Intel will talk more about its discrete graphics in March – review

Conference will be held in March GDC 2023, where, judging by the entries on the official website, they will tell in more detail about the schedule Intel Xe and video cards Dg1.

The event will be held in San Francisco from March 16 to 20, where software developers are invited. Given that the market is now divided between AMD and NVIDIA, and it is difficult for “newbies” to break into it, this is a justified step.

And a leading specialist, Antoine Coad, who will give a talk on Intel Xe architecture features, tweeted the agenda. According to the announcement, the company wants to show off-the-shelf solutions for Xe this year, including gaming.

It is separately noted that Intel is interested in the presence of game developers. At the same time, we note that the first instances of the graphics did not show something stunning on CES 2023. Although, of course, they were more powerful than traditional integrated solutions.