Intel will copy the layout of processors from AMD – review

Chief Engineer Intel Murthy Randuchintala the other day voiced pretty curious information that could return the corporation the status of leader in the microprocessor race. According to the expert, up to half of the budget when developing a new architecture is spent on updating secondary logic, which is not directly related to processor cores.

If you stop developing I / O systems exclusively for each new generation of cores, this will save a lot of money and speed up the processors’ entry to the market. In monetary terms, we are talking about more than 15 billion dollars spent on this in 2018. In 2023, they plan to introduce this approach into the production chain.

However, you should not think that this is the know-how of the company, because the “blue giant” simply copied the solutions AMD. Actual architecture Zen 2 is a chipset of dissimilar elements. There are 7-nanometer cores, as well as a 12-nanometer CIOD chipset, which is responsible for input-output, communication between the components of the processor and so on.

Intel noted that this approach allowed AMD to get ahead, because they want to copy it and put it into practice.