Intel Core i9-10900K processor with 10 cores and Z490 chipset will be released in April 2023 – Gambling

There are currently no Intel 10nm desktop processors on the market. The company is trying to squeeze everything out of 14 nanometers, and therefore is preparing the tenth generation of chips for desktop PCs with 10 cores and 20 instruction streams in the maximum configuration.

These processors belong to the Comet Lake-S family and will appear in April 2023. It is reported that the new line will work already with the new LGA1200 socket, unlike the current LGA1151 socket. Together with the processors, a new system logic of four versions will be released: H410, Q470, Z490 and W480.

Models with Q and W indexes are designed for embedded devices, Z are top-end solutions for enthusiasts, and H are budget models.

New solutions are credited with support for up to 40 lines of PCIe 3.0, Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.2 Gen 2×1, advanced overclocking capabilities of the processor and memory, as well as improved disk subsystem and sound.

It is also reported that the top-end Intel Core i9-10900K will be able to overclock to 5.1 GHz on a single core. Its base clock frequency will be 3.0 GHz. Prices have not yet been specified.