Instead, The Elder Scrolls 6 showed the open world of Tamriel in a new game

Game developers The elder scrolls 6 of Bethesda Softworks Do not rush to share new information and project teasers with fans of the series. However, fans of the Elder Scrolls series will soon be able to explore Tamriel’s new open world in another project.

The creators of the project Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind released a new video about the open world of their game in the series The Elder Scrolls, reports. In honor of the upcoming holidays, the developers showed what successes they achieved in their project to recreate the Morrowind region on the updated Skyrim game engine. On the video, enthusiasts showed locations familiar to fans in a completely new form. The authors noted that the development of the game is ongoing, and they are extremely pleased with their success over the past year on Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind.

The Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind project is part of a large-scale project in which it is planned to recreate the entire mainland of Tamriel with its provinces on the game engine from Skyrim. In addition, each part dedicated to one of the provinces of Tamriel will have its own storyline and many side quests. The authors noted that the development of an ambitious project is in full swing, and the team constantly needs enthusiasts for various tasks. And therefore, all concerned fans of the series with special skills were invited to join the development team of Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind.

The game Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind does not yet have a release date, like other Beyond Skyrim projects, for example, Elsweyr or Iliac Bay. According to, so far the release date of the game The Elder Scrolls VI remains unknown, in addition, the developers themselves have not provided almost any new information about their expected project since the announcement of the TES 6 game at E3 2018.