Instead of GTA 6, they showed new graphics for GTA San Andreas

While fans are eagerly awaiting news about GTA 6 from Rockstar gamesSerious improvements continue to be received by the already released games of the series, in which the capabilities and graphics are taken to a new level. The new video showed the cult game GTA: San Andreas, which received the latest graphics, which completely transforms the picture in the game.

According to, a video with the latest graphics in GTA: San Andreas appeared on the channel of the enthusiast Anggi Hermawan on YouTube. The basis for the new graphics was the project SA_Redux V2 from Ethmods, which included the best graphic mods for GTA: San Andreas in recent years. The authors of the new assembly were inspired by the success of the GTAV Redux Patch project, and therefore decided to focus on realistic San Andreas in a cult game. The video showed the changed locations and areas of San Andreas, which looks natural and harmonious, which was appreciated by many fans of the project.

Fans of GTA: San Andreas appreciated the new build of mods with the latest graphical improvements for the game, and admitted that enthusiasts had only a few technical flaws to fix so that the game looked great in 2023. Fans also wrote that they would love to play a full reprint GTA: Vice City or GTA: SA from the developers themselves on the engine Red dead redemption 2. According to, download a new version of the mod SA_Redux 2 for GTA: San Andreas anyone can page project.

Most recently, developers from Rockstar Games released a PC version of their last major game, Red Dead Redemption 2, which they worked on about 5 years after the release of GTA 5. Therefore, many assume that before the release Grand theft auto vi A few more years will also pass, and at best, fans of the series can wait for the game in 2023 on a new generation of gaming platforms.