Instead Fallout: New Vegas 2 showed Fallout: The Frontier with a snowy nuclear winter

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Fans of Fallout series games were shown the new gameplay of the Fallout: The Frontier project after a long time of silence from the developers. Fallout: The Frontier with Snowy Wastes Continues Fallout: New Vegas, which is considered by many players to be one of the best in the series.

The Fallout: The Frontier development team showed nearly 10 minutes of gameplay exploring the open world in their game. According to, the Fallout: The Frontier project is a continuation of Fallout: New Vegas with a scene on Frontier after a nuclear winter. In the gameplay Fallout: The Frontier, the authors showed a study of locations, which will be an important aspect of the gameplay, because the game will include huge spaces and hundreds of rooms with interiors. Therefore, players will always have something to do and where to go to Fallout: The Frontier. In addition, the wastelands in Fallout: The Frontier are covered in snow, and developers rely on a depressing and gloomy atmosphere of desolation and death.

The first Fallout: The Frontier teaser appeared back in 2015, and for a long time nothing was heard from the developers. As a result, many fans felt that the work on the project was frozen, and were extremely surprised to see the latest version of Fallout: The Frontier and the progress of the team of authors. Fallout: The Frontier will feature the main storyline, side quests, voiced dialogs with the NPC, new locations, opponents and weapons, and much more. Authors position their game as Fallout: New Vegas 2, and promise a huge amount of content, as well as an open world of 16 square kilometers. Learn more about the project on the official page.

The game Fallout: The Frontier has been developed for PC for several years as a fan continuation of Fallout: New Vegas, from which the authors draw inspiration and atmosphere. To play Fallout: The Frontier, you need the full Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas with all the add-ons. According to, at the moment it is not known when Fallout: The Frontier will be released, however, after the new video, the team assured that it will be much more likely to share new materials from the latest version of the project.

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