Insider: Square Enix Soon Announces Another Final Fantasy Exclusive For PlayStation 5

In addition to Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERGRADE, company Square enix is currently developing at least one more new console game in the universe Final Fantasy, and it will soon be announced as an exclusive for Playstation 5… About this in correspondence with users of the forums ResetEra insider said Navtra, repeatedly shared truthful information about plans Square enix

Based on the data she has, Navtra awaits new Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5 at the show E3 2023… She also predicts a new game from the studio to appear on the show. Eidos-MontréalUnlike Final Fantasy, it will be multiplatform and will immediately appear on consoles of two generations.

“This is going to be a good E3 for Square Enix fans.”

Navtra did not specify if the “new Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5” is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

“I suppose [на E3 2023] you can expect at least one more major Final Fantasy announcement in addition to news on already known material (XVI / Endwalker / VIIR), “she wrote.

Technically, the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 has been known for a long time, but Square Enix has not yet shown a single frame of the second part.

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