Insider: Nintendo plans to port at least two more games from Wii U to Switch in 2023

According to a famous insider Emily Rogers, which has behind it a large list of confirmed leaks in part Nintendo, the company is preparing to port at least two more Wii U games this year on Switch. Rogers writes the following: “It’s easy to guess about them, since there are not many games with Wii U left to port to the platform.

In addition, Rogers said that in the first quarter of this year, Nintendo will be focused on promoting Animal Crossing: New Horizonsscheduled for release in March.

The platform holder is likely to tell in detail about his plans in the upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcast, which allegedly will be broadcast very soon.

Nintendo has long been actively promoting ports with Wii U as a prominent component of the Switch game line. Despite the fact that the Wii U sold only 13.5 million copies, many excellent projects managed to come out on it. For example, reissue Mario kart 8subtitled Deluxe is the best-selling Switch game to date. The project sold 19 million copies as of September 2019.

Nintendo is currently preparing for re-release for Switch Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE with Wii U (premiere scheduled for January 17) and Xenoblade chronicles with Wii (release expected to take place in June). At least two more ports for 2023, about which Rogers speaks, have not yet been announced by the company.

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