A few hours before the release of Inside I bought a ticket and jumped in rushing at full speed HYIP train. Learn about the trip on the day of departure – the most unpleasant scenario. Well, work is work.

Day studying the game, two more in the review of all – you can return to normal life.

The car was almost empty, so I decided to choose a place. Well, you know, like in a movie theater is: if the hall is half empty, it can take the place better.

I walked slowly down the car, clinging to the handrails. In fact, the need for this was not – I deliberately pretended to interfere with violent shaking go – eye on the fellow travelers.

The passengers of the train were intractable and even unsociable. No one was whispering about something sublime and incomprehensible as I expected.

Some sat in the headphones and looked in front of him with glassy eyes, others hunched on uncomfortable beds reserved seat, trying to pass the time with a book.

Beds were clearly uncomfortable – to immerse themselves in a book nobody has been able, so to me now and then glancing askance.

I turned on my way I saw the covers of the books King, HP Lovecraft and Anne Lemoyne, and one of the passengers noticed a large and beautiful press credentials – a cool thing. Once it became clear that people do not go to the market and look at the work of art.

Review on the Inside.  Game Review - Image 2

I went through the whole car, and did not choose the place – I’d better lock myself in the bathroom until the end of the trip, than dare to sit next to someone from these gloomy people.

Then I saw that near the door to the vestibule stands a guy of medium height and smoke through the open window.

The prospect to sit all the way in an awkward silence beside the gloomy engaged in the affairs of young people did not suit me, so I decided to speak.

– Hi. You, too, on the Inside? – I asked, and then realized how stupid it sounded, because everyone on this train went to play in the Inside. My interlocutor was quite polite and pretended not to notice that I blurted out.

– Hi. Oh sure. Will you? – said the man and handed a cigarette.

– No, thank you, I do not smoke – I waved.

– Yes, she’s not real. Look! – he tapped the plastic housing unreal cigarettes. – Security, and you can smoke wherever you want.

I realized that he was not serious, but just refers to a popular joke, and we both laughed. Proposed a fake cigarette, I still did not smoke, but struck up a conversation. Man named Arnt.

In contrast to the other passengers, he was ready to talk and hold a conversation on almost any topic – from the abstract and frightening, like the death of aesthetics, to the imperishable novels of Orwell and Ayn Rand.

Review on the Inside.  Game Review - Image 3
Review on the Inside.  Game Review - Image 4

We argued on the subject of innuendo in the subjects of games, when the car suddenly began to recover sharply – to arrive at the final.

People who have a couple of minutes ago, quietly lying on the shelves as comatose, crowded at the entrance, something loudly discussed and sticks his head out the window to spite conductors.

We went out onto the platform last, said goodbye and went about his business. I was waiting for the game. Arnt, probably, too.

While Inside download, I decided to read about the developers. Playdead Studio made gloomy platformer Limbo about a child who was looking for his sister.

Then, in 2010, the game is called, fired. This surreal black and white world, oppressive atmosphere and constant violent death of a little boy who turned into an interactive Limbo nightmare, making the game unique.

Playdead long time was taken for a new project, Limbo shifting to new platforms. Here on my screen flashed a hint – Inside installed. I put on my headphones, dim the lights and began to play.