Inmate’s trip

Few titles last year divided critics and audiences like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

We have rewarded him on our pages – appreciating the many improvements to the systems and the brilliant use of a science-fiction setting of rare power – yet we understand the criticisms, with the exception of the doubts of some players convinced that the team would release the


” true “final in the form of DLC, which we immediately pointed to as excessive. Just as it was conceived within the saga, in fact, Mankind Divided is practically forced to bridge the modern epic born of the brilliant minds of Ion Storm, and can hardly be concluded with an expansion, however massive it can be .


The Eidos Montreal, for their part, did nothing but confirm our theory by giving life to another DLC detached from the main story, a sort of prequel called A Criminal Past, which arises before the events of Mankind Divided. The protagonist? Also Adam Jensen, this time in the role of infiltrated in a maximum security prison for upgrades, all in order to contact an Interpol undercover agent in possession of important information on some terrorist attacks.


Very simple on paper, pity that things are never so straightforward in the world of Deus Ex, and that even among prisoners Adam will have his work cut out to achieve his goal with all the bionic arts in place.



We played A Criminal Past, new Mankind Divided DLC. What do we think about it?


There is not much to say in terms of gameplay regarding this DLC, indeed, the developers wanted to give the player the opportunity to respect the chronology of events, giving up the special enhancements of Mankind Divided in favor of a style of play more limited. Opting for “normal” upgrades will not ruin the experience anyway, because the strength of A Criminal Past lies entirely in the level design and management of the main quest.

Inmate's trip
Inmate's trip

The DLC is in practice a concentrate of all the main strengths of the basic game: it has a complex map full of secrets and alternative routes, it leaves considerable freedom of action to the player and avoids to drive it excessively, allowing him to reason with his brain for the duration of the adventure. From the beginning it is made after all account of how the new area is not designed for neophytes in the series, with cameras everywhere, aggressive and numerous guards, and approaches far from obvious to the resolution of the various tasks.To make things clear: think of a map of complexity and danger comparable to that of the Palisade of the primary campaign, included within it secondary quests, warm areas and non-player characters full of things to say, and do not miss to place here and there there are some brilliant ideas to overcome undisturbed moments that are really difficult; here is A Criminal Past.So, in short, this is a section of the highest level, which goes well with the rest of the missions of the game and offers no little fun for those who have already appreciated the original title.


Then, from another point of view, also an interesting narrative experiment, because the events are told in the form of flashback during a session of Adam by his psychologist Delara (when Adam dies, in fact, Delara takes it back with a “tell me really like it went “, as if it were lying to her), and during its development there is no shortage of interesting twists and ramifications.


For heaven’s sake, do not expect something striking; It is not meant to make you jump your brains, nor to innovate already established systems … but it remains an addition more than worthy of the title, and therefore does its dirty duty very well. For the duration, finally, we speak of three, maximum four hours; timing we have come to expect from such additions.