Industries of Titan released early on Epic Games Store – review

Studio Brace yourself gamesknown for its musical bagel Crypt of the necrodancer, announced that her space colony simulator Industries of titan went to early access Epic Games Store. IN Steam the game will also appear, but only in 2023.

Players of Industries of Titan will be the heir to one of the greatest Houses. We have to build an industrial empire on the satellite of Saturn, Titan. In this case, it will be necessary to take into account not only harsh conditions, but also the interests of other houses.

A modest settlement of several buildings under our management should turn into a powerful metropolis. To ensure its development, it is necessary to build factories and factories, establish production cycles and delve into the economy.

And in order to confront the possible claims of competitors, players have to create and strengthen the army, build warships and take care of their own citizens.

However, if you’re lucky, then relations with the houses can be built peacefully. Especially since the hostilities have been turned off so far: the developers are still working on the combat system and will add it in the next update, along with the transport system.

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