In the steampunk survivor Scrapnaut from strong enemies advised to run away – review

Polish studio Rockgamerecently announced Ninja simulator and Cowboy life simulator, will make the publisher of the studio’s debut game Spiffybit – Steampunk survival simulator with a top view Scrapnaut. The famous publishing house will help her in this. Playway.

Scrapnaut is based on resource gathering, building and developing a base, and exploring an open world. The strange places where our hero falls suffer from a lack of oxygen, so the air supply must be constantly replenished in order to stay alive.

Players will be able to build a house and set up a farm nearby. There are various biomes in the game world, so you can expect that the species of plants and resources will be different. And having equipped the kitchen, you can start experimenting with recipes.

On the basis of it is possible to create and improve a wide variety of equipment. But if in travels around the world the hero encounters prohibitively powerful enemies, they are advised to immediately drape them, so as not to die in vain.

Scrapnaut will be released in Steambut it is not known when.

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