In the ranks of the creators of the shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds replenishment

Former head of third-party collaboration at Sony Interactive Entertainment Jio corsi joined the studio Illfonicwho is currently creating a predator shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds. He will serve as Product Director for Tacoma, Wash. From the PlayStation team, he gone last November. There he was well known as one of the most ardent supporters of the portable platform. Playstation vita.

“The IllFonic team was very impressed with the enthusiasm, excitement and dedication, not to mention the fact that they are currently working on killer projects. For me, the main thing is people. IllFonic CEO and Co-founder Charles Brungardt created an incredible team. They like what they do, and they like to play their games, as well as develop them. It’s great to see it with their own eyes. In addition, they have amazing goals for the future. This applies not only to their projects, but to the development of the company as a whole, so the decision to join it was easy for them, “Corsi said in a press release.

In addition to the shooter Predator: Hunting Groundssponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Illfonic is currently developing several more new projects. Her teams are located in three locations: Golden (Colorado), Tacoma (Washington) and Austin (Texas). Corsi will be in charge of these projects from beginning to end, leading the production and marketing departments as well as the communications department. He will explore new business opportunities.

“I will complement the IllFonic team and at the same time push it to new ideas and directions. I can say that there are grand and exciting times ahead of us, but first I have to find a place with excellent ramen to call home!” He continued.

Predator: Hunting Grounds will come out April 24, 2023 on the PS4 and PC in Epic Games Store.

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